The light at the end of the tunnel

  Have you ever been in a situation in your business where it looked like nothing would ever get better? Or maybe you've been working at your business for a long time, and you are making little, if no money. Don't give up. These scientists put these two rats in separate tanks of water (no … Continue reading The light at the end of the tunnel

My secret to success

A lot of people know what it takes to be successful, but they fail to do it. Jesus himself said that there would be people like this: they would read His advise, yet fail to keep it. I think a lot of internet marketing programs are like that; they teach people what to do to … Continue reading My secret to success

The lonely life of online marketing

My friend Amber has a little girl. One night, her daughter had a dream. She dreamed that people were going into a house, trying to find gold; but when they came out, they were old and withered. That's how online marketing marketing can be. Without a real, clear-cut plan, you can weary yourself finding the … Continue reading The lonely life of online marketing