The faith factor

All of us have heard the story about The Little Engine that Could. It's a children's classic about a small locomotive who volunteers to do a job that no one else will do. That is, to scale a mountain that deems itself too daunting for any of the other, more qualified trains. Does this stop … Continue reading The faith factor

Internet marketing program

When most people Google in "internet marketing program", they are looking for a program that will teach them how to sell their product online.   And, they are looking to be successful. If they have no money at all, they are looking for free information. Dear reader, I so feel for you. Let me pull … Continue reading Internet marketing program

Internet marketing help

The first thing to realize when looking for Internet Marketing Help is that most internet marketing programs are self-serving. Many  internet marketing programs are designed to keep you constantly buying from them, not to really train you. Which is not to say that you shouldn't be constantly learning. Of course you should. Nor am I … Continue reading Internet marketing help