How to Get Referrals for Your Business

If you sell a product online, and you want to have your customers send you other customers, you can do this several ways.

  1. Ask. It never hurts to ask and many times, if you simply ask your customer, “Do you know anyone who might need our services?” they will tell you some friends they know who want what you have.  This is the most basic and classic way of getting referrals and it’s completely appropriate in most businesses and situations.
  2. Reward. Offering an actual cash amount to those who bring you paying customers is a surefire way to get a response.
  3. Incentives. Make it easy on your customer to invite their friends to look at your product–offer each referral a discount. You can even provide your customer with a link to a downloadable coupon they can give their friend. Couple this with option number two, and it’s a win/win for both of them!

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How to get testimonials

Who Stole my Meatloaf?

All names have been changed to protect the guilty


It was 3:00 pm in the afternoon.  Five thirsty employees saw it….the sprite…staring them in the face on the top shelf. It was a communal fridge. Each day they saw it…sitting there…unmoved, and unclaimed.  Finally, on an especially brutal Friday, the torture continued.  At break time, each one of them, silently, reasoned with themselves on why their secret sin would be okay. No one was claiming this pop. Someone else will take it if I don’t. Joe is fat, and I need more. Marci’s a diabetic, and she’s tempted…gotta save her.

Is it any wonder that no one was very compassionate on the day that the temp came back to the plant to work on Thursday? They hadn’t seen her in weeks and frankly, everyone had forgotten about the pop. They didn’t really even know is she still worked there.

Here’s what she said ” the other day, I came into work and found FIFTY CENTS instead of my pop. And I went ‘argh.! I don’t want fifty cents, I want my pop!”

It was almost as bad as they guy who rented a room with me in a dump back in my earlier days. Bulging from side to side, the veins bursting on his sweating neck, we all knew it was time to run

“Who stole my meatloaf??????”

If you’ve ever gone into the break room at work and heard someone wailing this, it’s a scene in entertainment you don’t want to miss.

The offended will thrash about like a wild animal screaming explicatives while DEMANDING that the guilty party produces their food. I mean, like what?do they want the thief to get a barf bag and retrieve it?

The funniest thing is the absolute resolute chirp of crickets you hear from the peanut gallery. I mean, people are LOYAL in covering. No one even utters a theory on who MIGHT have done it (I think they’re in cahoots with one another).

And people are shameless with this. When I was a locker room attendant at a health club, workers would grab my health shakes which I sold on the side and slug them down when I turned my back for a moment.

If all of this seems surreal, consider what happens on the World Wide Web. Poor writers rip off content all the time.

Can you blame them? Can you blame the person in the story above who was dehydrating while lusting after that sprite that seemed…abandoned?

Or the hungry person who was eyeing Earl’s meatloaf all week long thinking, “Is this Joker ever going to eat this thing? Or is he done with it all ready”?

I guess in the end, feigned ignorance coupled with hunger and a disdain of waste makes it seem all right.

Reader, have you ever had your content ripped off? I know I have. Once I went on line and discovered that there was a mega site that had posted my beautiful article for my husband’s Business Blog, I was livid. Until. I looked and observed that the telephone number to my husband’s business was intact. Untouched. What? Turns out the webmaster could not speak english…only asian characters…and had NO IDEA he was promoting my husband’s business.

He couldn’t read english. He was desperate. And while that might not describe most “scrapers”, it is true of many poor writers. There’s all that beautiful content. “I wish I could write like that”  “This guy has abandoned his blog…he hasn’t posted in ages” “Anyway, no will know” and, click, the copy and paste forgery begins.

I would like to to tell you that this doesn’t happen, but the better I rank, the more scrapers seem to show up. One day I’ll write an article showing how to shut them down. But in the meantime, I want to talk about content creation.

Whenever you see one of these link farms with scraped content, you can be sure that the person is doing one of three things

a. experiencing low self esteem about their blog

b. has convinced his or herself that they have nothing important to say

c. really believes that they can’t write.

In my series “Blogging Basics” I go into intricate detail on the mechanics of creating  a viewable blog and developing fantastic content. If you’ve ever thought

I can’t write

I can’t spell or

My content is boring

Then this is for you. but before I continue pitching it, let me make a suggestion to all the best and worst writers out there…make an outline. Make sub outlines. Fill them in.

Can you do that please? If you write great or naturally, you can still benefit from this tip when thoughts flow too quickly to organize.

And if you think your writing could use some intensive help, Check out my tutorial.

Now (and this is the truth) I’m off to hide the evidence of the quick swipe I made of someone’s stack

(forgive me, family….)

It was talking to me.

You had more steak then I did last night

It isn’t fair anyway, because your older sister is doing her no meat for lent thing and anyway, you all have been hogging all the food.

And I guess I’m not too sorry, but I want you to love me.

Because I’m the one that does the cooking every night.

And buys your snacks  which you grab and run away with and anyway, I wanted some quality time with you while we have a stay at home order. And here you all are bonding with me and providing me with content for my website and, well, gee, I know you are learning Karate at the school which is at home now, but could you just maybe, like, get over it

(okay, students, that’s going to be my final example in “self revealing writing” for this season).

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What is content marketing

So what is content marketing? Well, that’s almost like asking “what is internet marketing” although the term “content marketing” is not quite as broad.

Content marketing can refer to any process of marketing that utilizes content, including lead magnets, articles, reviews, editorials, even forums and comment segments.

Whoa! That is a whole lot of possibilities. Now, add to that mix the whole genre of non-text media available, such as videos, graphics, and online profiles, and you are just beginning to see how spacious the whole arena is in the field of content marketing.

But now, we are honing in today on the concept of making money with content. And I don’t necessarily mean your own. In fact, many marketers make lots of money running forums, which is just a fancy term for letting other people’s content be a base for your ads.

Forum site’s make their money by drawing highly targeted traffic to online forums designed to let other users discuss specific issues. Then, the forum website owner runs ads on that site. See, he uses the traffic he gets from the content to justify charging big bucks from his advertisers. Or, maybe he runs Google adwords on the side, and he gets paid whenever someone clicks on an ad.

The point is, he would never get that traffic (resulting in the sale of ads or the commissions from adwords) if his content wasn’t compelling. That’s because, in the world of content marketing…

Content is king

Make a Banner Ad for your Blog or Website

How to make a simple banner ad!

Note: this tutorial is a complimentary lesson from my internet program for all of you staying home today during the Corona Virus stay at home order .

Being stuck inside is a drag but now is the perfect time to get some great banner ads created.

The following is a simple tutorial on how to make an extremely easy banner ad, and it’s made using  the same visual editor that you use for creating posts on your Word Press blog. Don’t have a Word Press blog yet? Where have you been! Go get signed up for one right now at 

This ad is not going to require any artist blending or layering skills on your part. So if you know nothing about photo editing, this is a wonderful option.

If you’ve ever wished your blog could display banner ads or that you could present a banner ad to a website to advertise your product, service, or affilate item, then this is a very good starter tutorial.


Take the very best photos you can for your ad. If you use a picture from the internet, be sure you have permission before you copy it.

Select the first photo and insert it into your post.

beautiful woman

As you can see, the photo I’ve uploaded is very large, so it needs to be resized to about a third of the document’s width (I’ll explain more in a moment).  Take your first photo, and resize it. Here’s how: After you upload your photo and insert it into your post,  left click on the corner of the photo. You should see this: (this is a screen shot of the photo above, and its surrounding text).

banner ad snip

As you can see, on the top of the photo are some white boxes.  This tutorial was actually created on a Word Press post, as well as the example of the ad (the white boxes you see are what displayed on this original post. If you are using the classic editor, you should have similar alignment icons you can click on). These  icons determine which side of the post your photo will display on.  We will get to that shortly.

Drag and Resize Your Photo

For now, observe the four squares on each corner of the photo. Left click on the upper left square and then drag it diagonally toward the lower right square.  This will resize your photo.  As long as you left click on the corner and drag it diagonally, you can minimize your picture to any size you need without distorting the proportions of your image. Remember, for your ad, you want your photo to be about one third the width of your document, at least when you begin creating it.

Align your Image

Even if your photo automatically displays on the left, you still want to click the “align left” icon. Your photo will align left by default (that’s called “no alignment”), but you don’t want  to click the white box that is “no alignment” you want the icon that is “left alignment”. They look almost identical, but if you hover your mouse over them, text will appear saying which is which. So resize your photo to about a third of the page, and then click on the “left-align” box.


Now, to make this work, you need a total of two photos–one on the left hand side (which I just demonstrated) and one on the right. In the center will be a section of text which explains your product.

Obviously, when you load your second photo, you will align it right and resize it to approximately the same size as your first photo. Remember, each photo should only take up about a third of the document (or post’s) width until you fine tune it.

Quick note: I’m showing you how to do this on a WordPress post, but it will work on most Word Processors.






When you upload your second picture, it may not line up exactly where you want it. It may be higher or lower on the page. Just  be sure that the photo on the left is aligned left, using the icon mentioned, and that the photo on the right is aligned right. At first, it’s best to do this on a completely blank page with no text or other images.  Then, simply fine tune the positioning of your photo following these instructions:

Left click in the middle of the photo. Place your cursor in the middle of the photo and left click

Move your photo: draggg it where you want it  by holding down on the mouse button while moving the mouse. Doing so will make the picture move across your screen

Position your photo: visualize a line underneath both pictures, running west to east, connecting them/ practice (plus patience) makes perfect!

Sweet tip…listen it’s entirely possible, even probable, that at some point during this process you will accidentally cause your photo to…dis appear (gasp)! Very stressful but if it happens, no worries… just recover it by clicking on the undo arrow at the top of your visual editor. Ta da!! It will instantly reappear.



bb ad


As you can see, I further adjusted the sizes of these boxes so that they could accommodate space for my text. This is a process in exactness which may take some time. Also, you may notice that I put the text in italics. It is more attractive, and generally, italics take up less space. You can also try different fonts, and font sizes if you are familiar with coding.

Because these two photos are separated with text and  because we will be surrounding the photos and text with one unifying border, there is no need to blend them together as you would need to in a more elaborate ad. The text between them explains the photos while pulling them together, and the border (which we will create in a moment) will clearly show the viewer that this is all one ad.

A Picture Paints a 1000 Words… but you still need to say something!

Now, you simply need to insert text between your photos, detailing your ad.  It doesn’t need to be long a lot of text, and because we are dealing with limited space, it shouldn’t be. All you need to include is something jazzy and short about your product or service that makes the reader want to know more. You want something compelling that draws your reader in with few words. Whatever you do decide to say, just make sure your text doesn’t extend above or below the pictures, and that the pictures are aligned by height; in other words, it is important that the top and bottom of your photographs are the same distance in their respective measurements from north to south…you should be able to lay a ruler on the top of both photos and it should be level–or at least it should look even to the casual observer. So should the bottom of  your photos, so align your photos before adding your text.

Screenshots and the “snippet tool

Next, you’re going to take a screen shot of both images and the text. When you do, the “rectangular” snippet feature will create a clean, imaginary border from the left side of the left picture to the right side of the right picture.

Not familiar with the snipping feature? I explain all of this in rigorous detail in my internet marketing program.

Finally, I put a simple border box around the text and photos, turning it all into an an ad.

bb border

There are two ways to do this: you can use…

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The 7 Steps to Internet Marketing Success

  1. Know your market--This is called your “target” market, and it just refers to that group of people who most likely will want what you are selling.
  2. Find your Niche—Niche is just a term for a specialized market or a market within a market. For example, if you only sold blue roses, that would be a niche market.
  3. Choose your product—or, it should read, “choosing the right product”. You need to look at current trends and you need to see what product is likely to sell in the future. For example, if you sell computers, you might not want to put all of your focus on a computer system that is likely to be outdated in 3 months.
  4. Choose the right platform to sell your product on–Websites are NOT the only platform to promote your product or service on.
  5. Attract Visitors—This is just another term for “driving traffic” to your product online.
  6. Convert visitors to sales—This is done via proper marketing and sales strategy. I cover all of this in my book
  7. Upsell, and get referrals.

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Get the real deal here; step by step instructions for presenting, promoting, and selling your product online.