Affiliate Detox|How to Sell anything Online

When students sign up for my internet marketing consulting, I generally need at least three sessions to detoxify them from the “merits” of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate, are you making great money? Because if you are, and if you are ethical, then I am 100% pro-affiliate marketing.

But. If you have to put up “recommendations” that are really just biased reviews (which is almost always true, unless you liked the product before you became an affiliate), or, if you find yourself recommending one product over another on your “review” site because the commissions are highter (rather than the product you are “reviewing” really being better), then guess what? You really aren’t operating in integrity; you are just making a  buck and calling it a review.

What’s worse is, you probably are NOT getting paid much at all due to the fierce competition in the market (and the time it takes to make money).

And here’s the thing I always stress to my students who are affiliates;  You are not selling anything. You don’t really have a business. And when I tell them this, there is this look. It looks something like this: You are just a negative person who doesn’t get it.

And when I get that look, I just want to shake them and say, “no, Joe (Sam or Sarah). YOU just don’t get it; you could be making SO much more money selling your own items on line.

And then, they just don’t believe me. Which is why affiliates have to pay a higher price for my consulting serives

a. They take longer to convince

b. I have to clean up their online reputation and

c. When they invest enough in my consulting, then they HAVE to listen to what I tell them.

And that’s the only way I will do business with an affiliate.


How to Succeed at online marketing

I really should have penned this article “How to Succeed at Online Marketing ‘ or anything you try, because this principle will work with any goal you have.


Wit is the acronymn. What does wit stand for?

What It Takes.

The “D” word in Marketing

In this day and age of vulgarity, we often see offensive words which are so noxious, even the media won’t touch them. Take, for example, the “N” word. No respectable person would be caught dead quoting it, much less saying it. Even racist people with money only whisper it in quiet settings, amongst their own.

Well today, I’d like to offer to you a word in marketing which is so horrifying to most marketers, that the average blogger will not mention it, much less write a tutorial about it.  It’s called, “discipline”.  Actually, I almost called it “diligence,” because the word discipline has a severe sound to it….it sounds like this:

“Don’t you EVVVerrrr touch another potato chip for the rest of your life!”

Or, “You haven’t blogged for five days straight, you loser”!

“Are you ever going to get out of bed?”  And if you look at those examples, what do you see? Deadlines; the need for commitment; inflexibility.

And so, people shy away from discipline, because discipline doesn’t sell that well.  But one thing we’ve all learned is, discipline is important. Because if you take shortcuts, they will catch up with you.

Where I live, the school district  had THE WORST grade of any district in the nation. Ultimately, they lost their accreditation. Why? Discipline.  And lack of diligence.  I talked to my friend Jesse about her daughter not being able to spell “plaid”.  She ducked her head and informed me that she herself couldn’t spell. “Jess!” I screamed. (yes…i  really screamed). “How can this be?” Jesse was a medical professional who prepped surgical rooms.  She carried a medical bag with her and looked like a nurse. She took people’s vitals at church if they were having some issue. I had thought she was an RN. She explained that in school, they kept passing her to the next grade even though she was woefully lost, because she was “a good girl”.  While others were cutting class and cutting each other (literally) she was there every morning, bright and shining at her desk. Apparently, the teachers thought, “if ANYone in this circus called a school deserves promotion, it’s her”. I’m sure there’s another blogpost to be written about that reality. But the point I’m making is, graduating Jesse didn’t help her in the long run. It put her in a position where she had gaps. Serious gaps. Embarrasing gaps. And we all have them. When a former vice president of the United States of America spelled potato with an e (potatoe) in front of school children, we all cringed. How did that happen? Gaps. Someone may have advanced him, or accepted payment for college acceptance (something the mainstream media apparently has no clue happens every day, but I digress…). My point is….men in general can’t spell 🙂 No, seriously, poor spelling is not the worst gap a person can have. I’m just saying that when you are diligent, you check your progress along the way. Yes, I know many bloggers can’t spell.  At all.   That’s not a super big deal when you blog, believe it or not. I’ve seen typos on government websites, even in Bibles.  But the higher we go, the more important it is to be diligent.

Here are a few things I have observed, some “gaps” if you will, even with seasoned bloggers. Don’t cringe if you have these.

Missing taglines

“This is an about page”

“Hi, I’m a comment. You can edit me”

“There are no posts on this page”  (come on, blogger, put something up there!)

“Did anyone else notice this”?  Yea, probably, but no one judged you. We all have gaps, we just don’t talk about all of them because no one’s told us about all of  them…yet:)


Now blogger, one thing that I insist you do is, don’t do this- Don’t, i repeat DO NOT crawl under a rock and stay there, if your blog had some gaps, I mean, please don’t do that. I received a very nice letter the other day from someone politely informing that the word juice on a post had been spelled joice, okay? They were gracious and kind, but it still made me scramble. As you go through your blog and find errors, just shake your hand and welcome yourself to the human race. Then keep on blogging!

I would love to know more about everyone who enjoyed this article. Would you please tell me what you are passionate about in life?  (say anything!)

Thanks for commenting. Hey, did you like this post? If you did, you’ll love this one on gaps

How to Brighten Your Day

Every internet marketer knows that it can be a real drag getting things done. I’m going to show you a simple series of daily discipiplines I do to get the day rolling right.

Sit upright. Yup, you heard me right. Before I fall out of bed, I sit up in bed. Admit it, marketer; getting up in the morning can be hard, especially if your day is swirling before you. Product launches, blog posts, and new ebooks to write. Hey, whatever it is that you do on the internet, take a moment to think it out before your feet hit the floor.

Coffee (sorry, Mormons). If you can’t drink coffee (which I personally consider to be one of the five food groups), then drink something to clear your mind and get you going. An energy shake, just water, or something.

Write. Just write. What needs to get done today? I segment a piece of paper into six sections and as I’m reviewing my day, list my to do’s in each section.

Schedule.  Each “to do” gets a time.

Pray. Yes, it’s really true; without a spiritual program, I know I would never be number one on Google for a variety of search terms. And I unbashedly hasten to say, this only works if your spiritual program includes the right mentorjesus holding the world

Post. Get one post on your blog. after prayer and planning your day, that’s the most important thing you can do. Take a week getting it ready, if needed. If you will post one article per week, minimum, you will get more traffic and reader engagement than you could ever hope for.

Evaluating the Content of your Post’s Feedback


“They Like me, they Like me not”

Reader, have you ever been sad because you went to your blog post and it didn’t have any “likes” on it? Don’t be discouraged…a lot of people who check out your posts may indeed be impressed with the quality of your post, even if they don’t hit that like button. So how do you know if your reader actually likes your post? Well, if your post:

Answers their question, speaks to their problem, or scratches their “itch”, then you can be sure your reader does appreciate your post. If you put up enough posts that speak to them on a deeper level, then they probably will return, and eventually “like” your blog.

But even if they don’t hit that like button, it’s really no big deal. Here’s why; your goal as a blogger, whether you sell or don’t sell on your site, should be to connect with your reader. If you want your reader to keep returning to your chatty blog, you have the same goal as someone who wants the reader to click the “buy” button…you both want reader engagement.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is, your blog is as unique as you are.  The chances of everyone in the world liking your blog are slim, if you have a blog as unique as you. That’s because, in reality, there is no such thing as “normal”. The trick to getting followers, is to speak to “your normal”, that is, the group of people who are just like you.

If your goal is to get as many “likes” as you can, then you may be tempted to blog about items that are too generic to find you any real following of readers who are your kind of “normal”.

In my e-course “How to Sell Anything Online”, I have a special section all about this. I talk in great detail about how to connect with your reader in a way that builds rapport with them, and keeps them coming back. If you feel your blog could use some better reader engagement, then claim it here