“Internet Marketing Program”

When most people Google in “internet marketing program”, they are looking for a program that will teach them how to sell their product online.

And, they are looking to be successful.

If they have no money at all, they are looking for free information.

Dear reader, I so feel for you. Let me pull back the curtain and tell you what you are in for…..every time you sign up for free info, you are getting stuck on some marketer’s email list, who will most likely send you nothing but plug after plug, plea after plea, to buy his lame, info-less product.

He has no desire what so ever to tell you the truth or to see you succeed. He only wants your moolah.

Once he gets it, he will send you some marketing information, but never enough to complete the whole marketing puzzle. You may sense some truth to what he is saying, then spend a whole wad of cash, only to discover that he didn’t tell you enough to become successful at all, only enough to make you realize that you still need more marketing info.

I think it’s time for information marketers to drop the nonsense and start telling their people the truth.

Here it is: you are going to need a whole lot more than several $50 tutorials to pull you through the process. What you need is a real education. A system that is really a system; comprehensive, with your entire future in view.

One of the ironies of marketing education is, the newer you are, the more important it is to get a premium education. Think about it: if someone was illiterate, it would take more time and training in the beginning to teach them how to read, then it would to teach them how to teach themselves how to read even better. That’s because, once they had the fundamentals of reading down, they could understand how to read the next budget priced module.

In the beginning, you may not know enough to decipher that “who else wants to make a million dollars NOw!”internet marketing program, that tells you one tactic that worked for them. And they don’t bother telling you all of the fundamentals they had in place before they implemented that single “secret” (hmmph!) strategy of theirs.
It’s time that marketers start telling the truth!

It’s not enough to learn:

  • Afilliate marketing
  • email marketing
  • website design
  • search engine optimization
  • conversion techniques…in and of themselves

All of these elements need to work together. To really succeed at this, you need to learn the guts, the essence, the innards of each of these and then, more importantly, you need to be systematically shown how all of these things work together.

That’s called integrated marketing and it’s the only way to really be successful online.

Everyone’s been lying to you. Learn the truth about internet marketing and make some money….for real.



The Best Game Plan for your internet Marketing Business

Does your game plan keep disappearing from day to day, and getting replaced with the latest trick? Here are some common lies that are being promoted on the internet. Do you believe this internal dialogue?

“The best marketing plan for my business is one that gets me lots of followers on Facebook”


“The best marketing plan for my business is one that brings me traffic.”

Okay. That’s a good start. Let’s go on.

“The Best Marketing plan for my business is one that actually makes me sales, already!!

…you’re getting warm…

“The Best Marketing plan for my business is one the makes me Money, for crying out loud!

Partially true…read on…

The Best Marketing plan for my business is the one that actually makes me a profit…

…you’re almost there…

“Sue, what are you talking about? You don’t think it’s important that I make a profit”?

Let me explain–

If you get lots of people who:

  • like your product,
  • follow you on Facebook, Twitter Instagram…everything
  • and who visit your website

and who even buy from you
what you spend in:

  • advertising
  • webhosting
  • software
  • “opportunities”
    and other expenses—-if those expenses are deducted, and they actually DO bring you a profit, then you still have some math to do…because…

it really isn’t profit if your time isn’t paid for.

So. Let’s say that you make 25,000 a year in PURE PROFIT.
Let me ask you something….is the time you invested in making that money worth more than minimum wage? Because, if it is, then you didn’t even make that.

See, a lot of marketers are very good at bookkeeping, but they live in this carrot-on-the stick fantasy world.

They may not measure their success (like so many marketers do) in terms of social media activity, traffic or even sales, because they have been around the block, so to speak, and they have learned that it isn’t what you make, it’s what you keep (after buying leads, paying for ads, etceters.)

But one thing that almost every marketer struggles with is putting value on their time.

A lot of marketers are retired, on disablility, or just self-employed. So they don’t figure in the value of their time, because they just think, I’m not doing anything else with my time right now.

But time always has value, no matter how much of it you think that you have.
We would never hear of someone underselling their product because they have too much money on their hands. Yet marketers consistently undersell their product because they don’t factor in the value of their time, when they go to price their product.

You need to see the value of your time the way that a physical shop owner would price his “overhead”. You may not have the mortgage, lights and gas to pay on a separate building, you may not have inventory to account for, but you can be sure, if you are an internet marketer, you spend plenty time on your business each week.

And what a lot of marketers fail to do is to track the time they actually spend on their business, not taking into account basic things like creating a post, checking their stats, ect. All of these tasks are YOUR TIME that you are INVESTING in your business. You need to account for that when you figure out your profit margin.

How to Succeed in Internet Marketing.

Decide exactly what course in internet marketing you are going to take.

There is SO MUCH to do that falls under the umbrella of internet marketing.

Internet Marketing does not just mean selling online.

It can also mean, making money by selling ads on your website.

It could mean, making money by referring people to a product, consultant, or to a specific service.

If you build websites for other people, and collect payments at their office, that is still considered an Internet Marketing job, because you are selling them a product that they will use online.

So then. Before you start Googling in “How to succeed in Internet Marketing“, you first need to define what exactly you want to do in the field of digital marketing (note: digital marketing is just another name for internet marketing).

In the days ahead, I’m going to detail the pros and cons of different internet marketing paths. Stay tuned…

You are closer than you realize


52093-birds-on-wireToday, I woke up with a numb limb. I couldn’t feel a lot of my fingers. And my pinky felt dead.

I sleep on the sofa, because I’m separated from my husband.
It has been hell on my shoulder.

All morning long, I’ve been feeling everything come back alive.

It was scary.

Now, dear readers, I want to tell you something that happened.

While I was massaging my pinky, something (Someone) told me, on the inside, “if you keep massaging it, it will feel life”

I was scared to even look at my pinky. I was sure it must look black.

I even had an inward feeling that I SHOULDN’T look at it, or I would not have the faith to believe in a positive outcome.

In the dark, it looked darker than the rest of my digits.

Okay, I’ll admit it… I was scared.

But as I began massaging my numb digit, I felt the Lord tell me something…all of this numbness represented my marriage.

I heard Him encourage me to keep massaging my marriage.

Which was the PERFECT parable for me, reader, because, think about it…my whole hand felt like a BLOCK. My pinky felt detatched from me.

My hand and arm were numb too.

And my mind was messing with the faith I had because i KNEW that arm had been without circulation, asleep, for hours.

Do you have this problem with any area of your life?

Because, I want you to know, if you massage it, it will come back to life.

I have a word for you…don’t give up. You are closer than you think.
It’s winter. Online sales are down for many. Maybe the only circulation your online business is getting is a trickle of traffic.

Don’t freak out. We are all going through it.
But it’s winter, and spring is coming.

You know, reader, I know I was meant to share this with you.
But I still would love some feedback.
Blessings on all of you, and please…don’t ever give up.
Spring is coming.
I live in the Midwest, and I hate the cold. I live at the computer and over the heat vent. I hibernate. I yell at the kids to close the front door. I don’t eat ice cream and everything is heated that I drink. I don’t step on the porch. And here’s what I want you to know…It never ever seems like winter will be over. Surviving each day without feeling miserable and negotiating the thermostat temperature with the overheated family is a full time job.

My snarky teen informed me that I act disabled in the cold. I know she’s right.
Every winter I swear I’ll move South next winter.

But I always get through it, and so will you.
It is Winter for many, online. Some have a perpetual tropical experience in their online sales. But that’s not the norm.

Don’t let it get you down.

This is also the time of year that many people think of blowing their brains out. That would make me so sad. Please don’t ever do that.

All of the people who read your posts, but never “like” them? They do care.
All of the times you posted an article and wondered if anyone thinks you are awesome? Yes, they do. I know I do. Some of you are so gifted in skills I don’t have. There are affiliate marketers out there who totally impress me on a daily basis (I don’t do affiliate marketing), and many of you have websites that are far sharper than mine. And traffic that might put me to shame.

But I know from experience, no matter how well you lay a foundation, and how hard you work on something, it takes time, and lots of time to carve out a succesful, a really successful online business.

If you are doing everything, I mean, everything that you know to do, have you prayed over your business? Have you listened? If you have, and you feel secure that you are meant to be an online marketer, than keep going!

Just because you aren’t getting great results, doesn’t mean you aren’t dong the right thing. But ask Him! (He will give you the plan if you are putting Him first).

Note: Readaer, let me help you. Post every single day. No matter how small. It will really help your rankings.

I think that this is the season for being kind to yourself and to one another.
I think we all need to huddle together. There are some of you that could really help others in an area that they are weak. So starting right now, if you think you have a service that you would like to barter with someone else, fill out the form. I will personally email you the details of anyone who needs your skill, or who can provide you with one.

I get no benefit from this. It’s just my way of giving back to all of you who “like” my posts and read my blog.

The invitation is open.


Thanks! I’ll be responding within 24 hours. All info is confidential. You are AWESOME!

How to make Internet Marketing really work

Internet marketing made easy


Did you ever wonder why internet marketing seemed so hard? It really shouldn’t be, but everyone seems to think that it’s some mysterious process that only a few elite have knowledge of.

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