The inspiration Station

Today I want to talk to you about the “inspiration station” of your mind.

Your mind is a wonderful thing, but like any good thing, it can be misused.

Are you using your mind to think self-defeating thoughts? Do you imagine negative scenarios that may occur if everything doesn’t quite work out?

 “And another thing…”

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it could be like to go back into a conversation you had with an adversary, and to change the script? Maybe the argument would have gone better if we would have said  this in response to that thing they said. I think we all have done that, and that, my friend, is called “changing the script”.

So why do we do this? Well, there is something within all of us that seeks resolution and closure. We earnestly want to go back and make the situation (such as, a discussion) go in our favor. That’s why we do so much “script writing” (or rewriting if you will) in our heads.

All creative people do this and if you are one of them, I have an exercise for you.
Instead of rewriting the script of your past, begin writing your script of tomorrow.
The next time you find yourself absentmindedly talking to the person from the past who is no longer there. or thinking about what thing you could have done differently in life, fast- forward to the future (rather than the past) and write your script.

This is a very powerful exercise because your spirit hears what your mind is saying, and your mind hears what your mouth says.

“I declare!

Walk around the room and declare what you would like for your life to be like in ten years, but speak it as though it has happened.

This is called making a faith declaration and it’s not voodoo, magic or witchcraft my friend…it is absolutely spiritual PROVIDED that what you are declaring is a truly God given dream, or a good and proper desire that falls under the umbrella of “if God wills”.

As you take this faith walk, you will be amazed at what comes out of your mouth.

Words have power, so be careful not to speak out anything you don’t want to have happen. Be sure to “think big” and to talk faith, not doubt.

If you are unsure about this, I challenge you to read these scriptures and see if you think they apply.
Then take your faith and walk and pay close attention to any details God provides while you “speak out” His will.

Is true prosperity really material??

good samaritanThere’s a scripture that I would like to read today.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

There are actually three kinds of prosperity listed here:

  1. Financial prosperity,
  2. Physically prosperity, and
  3. Spiritual  prosperity.

See if you can find the spiritual prosperity in this verse:

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”.

Now, I bet you can find the part about physical prosperity

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Well, that was easy; Here we read that we are to be as healthy as we are spiritual. This is “physical prosperity”.

But we won’t stop there. It’s also easy to see the financial prosperity that God is talking about in this verse

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Do you see the three kinds of prosperity here? Most people do see it, unless they have been pre-conditioned to reject financial prosperity.
Though well-versed they may be in scripture, they fail to recall the tremendous financial blessings of Job, Abraham, and Joseph. Or how God specifically decided to make Solomon the richest man who ever would be, when he asked God for the spiritual prosperity of wisdom.

Yes, it is true that many “prosperity” preachers have perverted the purpose of prosperity to mean something that is consumed upon one’s lust, as James condemns.
They missed the point…the purpose of prosperity is to be blessed and to bless others.

How could the good Samaritan pour oil and wine on the injured man, if he himself had no oil and wine to give? How could he have put him on his own beast, if he was too poor to afford transportation? How could he then have afforded to lose three days wages tending the mans wounds? And how in the world could a poor Samaritan have afforded three nights stay at an inn. It sounds to me like he was a prosperous Samaritan.

And if that’s not enough, he writes a blank check to the inn keeper by saying, “Take care of him, and when I return this way,I’ll pay you back”.

Does that sound to you like the kind of prosperity that could get things done?
Does that sound to you like the kind of prosperity that could bless God’s kingdom?

What would you do if you had a million dollars, those of you who so despise the idea of God dumping money on His people? Would you bless others? Would you backslide?

The good Samaritan is a beautiful passage, but do you think the Samaritan was a backslider? Was he so financially blessed that he couldn’t live for God?
That’s not what we see. We see a man who was so blessed by God that he himself was a blessing.

Doesn’t that sound like the way prosperity is supposed to be?

How to Stand Before Envy


Proverbs 27:4 Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous; but who is able to stand before envy

So how does someone stand before envy?
Well, let’s just assume that this thing, envy, is a person. No, let’s imagine that this thing envy is any one of four people.

Envy #1 She’s a killer queen.

She demands to be the queen bee. She will let you be number two (maybe) unless you are far too much of a rival. In which case, she will do everything she can to eliminate you.
“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” you will never be able to get too close to her, unless you are self-efacing and let her assume a leadership role over you. Who wants that kind of relationship? Steer clear.

Envy #2 She’s insecure.

Or feels inferior. In many of these cases, She would secretly like to be your friend, and wouldn’t even envy you (not so much, anyway) if she were in your circle. Or, maybe, she just is intimidated by your warmth and confidence. Group two types usually are not concerned with being the fairest of them all, they just don’t want to be the dullest.

Envy #3 She’s not really envious in a bad vibe way.

And she doesn’t necessarily admire you as a person. But she does admire your looks, talent, money or success, though she doesn’t necessarily want you not to have those things…she just wishes she had a bit of it herself.

In the case of person number one, you really aren’t wise to try to convince this person to be your friend. And any deposits of kindness you try to invest in her will almost surely be met with scorn and contempt.

If you believe in loving your enemy inspite of their hatred toward you, then I recommend doing acts of kindness behind their back, with no hope of a reward from them. You can always pray for them.

In the case of person number two, I recommend extending the right hand of fellowship to them. Give them heartfelt invitations to join your circle of friends. One very effective way fo winning their trust is to bring a group of others with you when you invite them. Prompt your friends ahead of time to pour on the love and affirmation. This personality type suffers from low self-esteem, and a lack of belonging. Include them and watch their attitude melt away.

Another note: These personality types often find it hard to express themselves and to reach out socially. Let them shine! Invite them into each conversation. It’s important, of course, that you are sincere in your praise. You don’t want to gush or seem cheesy. But yes, heartfelt compliments and asking their opinion, in front of the group, are great ways to ease their self-consciousness and hopefully win a fan for life.

With type number three, you may be dealing with someone who doesn’t even view you as friend material. Be a friend anyway, and you may just find them reaching back for fellowship. In either case, don’t let their lack of interest in you as a friend, or even their resentment ever stop you from being all that you can be.

It’s worth nothing that none of these scenarios completely or even adequately define someone who is fearful that you will encroach upon their favored position with another, particularly someone who thinks their mate would be attracted to you. If they really, really like you, have been friends with you in the past or for some time in the present, then they might opt to keep their friendship with you while at the same time keeping you away from their significant other. But unless there was at one time a friendship between your, or , perhaps, you are a celebrity they’ve always wanted to befriend, then usually they will never decide to be or stay your friend…the risk is far too great.

For example, if someone knew you all throughout high school, and then later reconnected with you at a high school reunion, they might still be your friend provided they could keep you from meeting their spouse. This might be the case in a friendship where you were both close, lost touch, and then reconnected, only for them to find that you were no longer an ugly duckling. Or maybe they had become one. Or maybe neither of you were unattractive, but you had kept your youth whereas they had not. You get the picture.

Romantic relationships are not the only situations this occurs in. Sometimes neighborhood mom’s are secretly rivalrous of one another, and think that the other mom is a hot shot. It only takes one episode of little suzy or johnny coming home from a sleepover declaring that “Mrs. so and so is the greatest”.
Some Moms are insecure about their parenting ability, their kid’s affection for them, or just being “cool” enough.

Work relations

If you work with someone who for no apparent reason can’t stand you, it could be that they think you are a threat to their position or promotion.

Clerical favor (pastor likes me best).

Pray. Oh do pray hard. This may be the most wicked, insidious,, demonic, cut throat envy there is. Think, King Saul and David.

One final Note: Sometimes these dynamics operate on a smaller, less harmful scale. Sibling rivalry is a good example. So are sporting events (though we all know that even childhood sports can escalate from rivalry into adult tantrums). In all cases, the litmus test for the other’s toxicity is the feeling they have toward you personally.

“You’ve got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, and know when to run”–sang by Kenny Rogers.

If a woman looks hurt when you walk into a room, and you are drop dead gorgeous, then she deserves your affirmation and compassion.

If a woman looks sideways at you and grabs her husband, then she may warm up to you in the future. You’ll have to prove that you are no threat to her marriage, and not come on to strong in initiating hospitality right away.

But if a woman is throwing daggers with her eyes and is locked in a death stare with you, avoid her completely. She is dangerous.

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Is the vision worthy of you?

There was a man who was preaching a message to his audience.  All of the sudden, he stopped in the middle of his sermon and cried “Wait. Don’t jump! The answer is in your briefcase!”.

The preacher’s audience looked baffled, and he was as well. He honestly couldn’t tell you WHY he said what he said.

A while later, he found out why.  While taking a train home from a business trip, another man, a lonely man, contemplating taking his life, decided to first listen to a tape his loved one had packed away for him. He thought it was an “inspirational tape”, not necessarily a sermon.

Actually, it was both. Here’s why. When the lonely business man started that tape, he heard it played at exactly the point where it said, “Wait. Don’t jump! The answer is in your briefcase”.

He went to his briefcase and found that the one he loved had also packed away a Bible.


(um, okay, soooo, like what does that have to do with my vision?)

This morning I felt prompted to add this little “aside” to my vision casting sermon.

{Let me know if it helped anyone out there}.

Suicide is never the answer. People who attempt suicide have lost all hope.

I am convinced that all they need is a dream. But not just any dream, rather, a dream that is worthy of THEM!

Yes, you heard that right! Your dream must be worthy of YOU, I didn’t say worthy of God. I said, your dream must be worthy of you.

Please don’t think that I am being sacrilegious here: you are a precious person made in the image of God and He doesn’t want you wasting any of your time down here.

I say “worthy of you” because I run into so many people whose only vision seems to be working at fast food or some other minimum wage jobs. And I’m not talking about young people just getting started in the workforce. Every day, I run into people my age, in my town, whom I worked with after high school, in various fast food restaurants. And they are still working there today!

No, not as a cashier, but as an assistant of some sort. Yet they aren’t making any serious money at McDonalds, years later. And I want to shake them and ask them, “Is this really all you want out of life?” I mean, they just never move up and on.

In case no one told you, God doesn’t give out dull, mediocre dreams.

God gives us fantastic, awe-inspiring dreams.

And most people have forgotten what they used to dream about!

I think that is because, most people get older, and in their “wisdom”  begin to discount their dream as impractical.

Yet, that very dream that you had, in the very beginning, probably wasn’t practical at all! It most likely was bigger than you, and seemed unachievable.

So before we go into how to make your dream happen, let’s find out a few things about your dream.

Now, I’d like you to take moment to seriously reflect on your original dream. Relax for a moment and let yourself go back in your mind to the first really really big dream you ever had.

Ok, like the biggest one ever.

Now, what happened to that dream? Are you back now to the biggest dream you have ever had? I hope you are. Because we are going to be talking later about how to actionably get there, to your dream.

Now, write down your dream.

Spend all day thinking about it, even if it seems ridiculous.

How do I know my dream is a good dream?

I think when people ask me this, what they really are saying is, How do I know that my dream is worthy of me?

See you are an awesome, fully loaded person who is capable of getting heavenly downloads.

You’ve been made in God’s image, and He is awesome! As an awesome individual, you really need to run your dream through some filters to see if it’s a dream that is worthy of you. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself

  1.  Is this dream bigger than me?  In other words, is this a dream that is going to challenge, inspire and push you? If your dream is too easy, it may be better classified as a goal.
  2. Am I willing to commit my whole life to this dream?  If your dream is having a mansion on the hill, are you willing to devote your whole life to that? Only you can decide.
  3. Is this dream going to help others?  You have been designed by your creator to solve someone’s problem, and to be a blessing to your fellow man. If your dream doesn’t do this, you won’t feel fulfilled.
  4. Have I asked my Creator about this dream (and really listened……)
  5. Do I even like this dream.  See, some people (ok, alot of them) grow up thinking that they are supposed to want to be wealthy. And believe me, I am all for that. But they make wealth their dream. Money isn’t really want you want, it’s what money can buy that enriches us. We’ve all heard of the hermit who died and left a million dollars in his ratty mattress. What was he saving for? Rather than viewing money as a tool to purchase things to enrich his life and others, it’s purpose had become meaningless; Money had become an idol to him.
  6. Will this dream make me happy, and satisfy me?  If this dream doesn’t make your heart sing at the thought of coming true, then it’s not the one. And if you don’t know your Creator, NO dream will make you feel happy. All of us have a God shaped hole that no dream can fill, only He can

Jesus,  come in my heart and fill my God shaped hole.

Amen. Talk to you tomorrow:) Back to Home Page

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