THE Business Model

Here’s the business model that will save your business’ life:

bird city

Intercessory prayer.
Has it ever come to your mind to pray for your business like you pray for your
Church, family, and neighbor hood?

When I speak of praying for your business like you pray for other thigns, I’m not saying that your business is as or more important than your friends and family.

But what I am saying is, if you have a scheduled time of prayer for the people in your life, then wouldn’t it make sense to pray fro the vehicle God uses to bless you financially?

After all, if you are a generous person of your time, talents, and money, then wouldn’t it be logical to activate the power of prayer in the arena that this blessing usally flows through?

Today I’d like to share with you the story of a man who found himself in a desperate situation and how he “got over” it. You can read about it here. Chapter-16

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