Charles Schwab who owns the famous investment company which bears his name, tells a story he had with a mentor. Mr. Schwab asked the mentor to tell him how to be more productive.

Rather than scheduling a mentoring session, the advisor simply told him, “Mr. Schwab, I will give you one piece of advice, and if you think it is worth anything, you can pay me $10,000.”
Charles agreed. One week later, Charles wrote the advisor a check for $10,000.
What do you think his advice was?
When I first heard this story, I really thought that the secret was stocks. Or maybe some other investment strategy, like buying up precious metals.

No, the secret that Charles Schwab received is so brain dead simple, that I don’t think he would have even looked at it twice if the advisor had not designated a value to it.

It really is that simple.
And that profound.
In fact, it is so profitable, I would attach a million dollars to it’s worth.
So what was the advice?
I almost hesitate to tell you lest you find it too elementary.

Write down the three most important things you need to do today.

Gah! Is that it? Is that really it? Yup.
But follow through is everything.

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The Total Drag of Internet Marketing


Ok. I’ll admit. Sometimes internet marketing is not a blast.

There are mornings that you wake up with twenty non-fun things that just need to be finished yesterday.

And it doesn’t matter that you don’t feel good, or that your computer is slow, or even that you don’t feel creative enough today to write any content. Your public is counting on you to do your job.

At times like this, it helps to remember the following:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Whether you are designing your own website, trying to rise in the search engines, or perfecting your e-commerce page, you need to remember…it takes time to get this all working together.

“The journey of  a hundred miles begins with one step”

Most internet marketers jump from task to task, afraid they’ll forget what needs to be done. You need to focus on one step at a time

The monotony of the mundane.

Let’s get real. Some internet marketing tasks can seem repetitive and boring. If you own a blog, you have to check for updates that need to be installed.

If you process orders online, those are tasks that can seem mind-numbing in their lack of pizazz. Remember to tell yourself why you are doing these tasks, keeping the end result in mind. Play some jazzy music while you work. Be creative in how you can spice up your work time. Finally, always remember:

It doesn’t have to be fun, it just has to get done.

Yes, there will be times that no matter how fun you try to make something, in the end, it’s just flat boring. At times like these, you will need to look at your overall marketing plan, and remind yourself of why each task is so important.


It takes discipline, diligence and determination to do what needs to be done. However, none of that will help you without a plan.

“Discipline without direction is drudgery”

If today you find yourself feeling like a string being pushed up hill, then let me breathe some fresh life into you with my internet marketing strategies. It’s all right here, but you need to get on board fast. Enrollment ends soon.

Giving your businesss to God

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How does one partner with the Almighty? Is God really interested in my business? Does God have a plan for my business or does He even mind if I make it big online?

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A farmer had a garden. He tilled it beautifully. He furrowed the ground. He planted the choicest seed. At long last, the garden began growing. Just as the corn stalks were high in the sky, and the vegetables were almost ripened, the farmer was visited by his pastor.
After a short visit over lemonade and his wife’s homemade pie, the farmer invited the pastor to see the garden he had grown. “um, I think you mean the garden that God has grown.” The farmer looked rather exasperated, but proceeded to show the pastor around his garden. “Look at the corn we grew this year! What a dandy crop” “I believe you mean the corn that the lord grew” his pastor countered.
After about ten minutes of this, the farmer grew weary. “Pastor,” he said ” I get your point. But now I hope you get mine”. Taking the ever smug pastor aside, the farmer said, “let me show you the garden that God grew” and he showed him a vacant field of weeds.
“I don’t mean to be sacriligeous, Pastor, I believe that lt takes a big God AND a hard working man to build a functioning Eden.”


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Vision Casting

There was a man who was preaching a message to his audience. All of the sudden, he stopped in the middle of his sermon and cried “Wait. Don’t jump! The answer is in your briefcase!”.

The preacher’s audience looked baffled, and he was as well. He honestly couldn’t tell you WHY he said what he said.

A while later, he found out why. While taking a train home from a business trip, another man, a lonely man, contemplating taking his life, decided to first listen to a tape his loved one had packed away for him. He thought it was an “inspirational tape”, not necessarily a sermon.

Actually, it was both. Here’s why. When the lonely business man started that tape, he heard it played at exactly the point where it said, “Wait. Don’t jump! The answer is in your briefcase”.

He went to his briefcase and found that the one he loved had also packed away a Bible.

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