The Biggest Mistake in Online Marketing

The biggest mistake in online marketing

We’ve all heard about the person who thought that they were on the right road, only to realize, miles later, that they had taken a wrong turn.

I would like to tell you that that’s what happens to most online marketer’s. Oh, if only it were that simple.

Instead, the parable that most closely describes the average online marketer is not as simple as that. It’s more like someone who got on a wrong boat and not only did they get on the wrong boat but they were headed in the wrong direction.

No wait. It’s more like someone who picked the wrong destination for what they were looking for.

See, most marketer focus on the wrong thing entirely. And some of them don’t even know what they are looking for.

The end goal in online marketing is to make a profit. It’s not to get “likes” on facebook, it’s not to get number one on Google. It’s not even to have a great website. And it’s not even to make sales, because if you sell a product that cost more in advertising than you make in sales, then you haven’t made a profit.

Everything you do online has one goal in mind….the profit you make.

I’m not saying that ethics aren’t important. And I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t pick an industry that can help people. But at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself…is this going to make me any real money?

If what you are doing online isn’t making you any money, then it could be that you are in the wrong industry selling the wrong product. Or, it could just be that you are marketing it all wrong.

In my internet marketing program, I show you how to make money. Yes, we have a game plan. And yes, the program is relational in nature, meaning you care about people and you don’t burn them.

But that’s not what my students are looking for…they are looking for how to make real money online.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn.

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The Best way to make money online

There’s a lot of buzz on the internet about the best way to make money online.

I really think there is a single, best way to make money online, but before I explain how, let me tell you what is NEVER the right way to make money online, OR offline:

It is never good to make money unethically.

Making money unethically just means, making money in a way that is dishonest or that takes advantage of others.

Sadly, that describes a lot of the methods that others are using these days to make money online.

Here are a few of them:

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketers don’t sell their own product. Instead, they make money everytime they recommend a product, and someone buys that product  (sort of like, commission). Not all affiliate marketers are shady people; but when something becomes as popular as affiliate marketing has, it is sure to be abused by the masses.

The bad side of affiliate marketeting is that a lot of people recommend or endorse products that they have never used, or that they know is garbage, just to get a commission, not because they believe in the product itself.

Because of this, affiliate marketing has come to be known as an unscrupulous way to make money (though it doesn’t have to be that way, if done correctly…and ethically).

Link farms:

Link farms are just affiliate sites (or ad sites) with affiliate links or ad links. In other words, everytime someone clicks on the link, they are clicking on ad for a product, or going to a website that gives a commission to the webowner who posts the link ad.

In and of itself, a link ad is fine,  but the problem happens when a web owner floods his or her website with nothing but links.

It looks tacky, and it takes away from the credibility of the web in general.

Running ads on a website

There is nothing wrong with this, as long as the webowner

knows whose ads they are running and

doesn’t oversaturate their website with ads. Too many ads slow down the website and take away from the user experience. Plus, they can freeze your visitors site, inundate them with pop-ups, and even roll over the text that your visitor is trying to read.

This is SUPER annoying for your visitor, and pulls down the credibility of the web as a whole.

Plus, it penalizes you in the search engine rankings if you run too many ads on your site.

When placing advertisements on your blog or website, remember, more is less.

One banner ad a the top, and one large ad at the bottom, are sufficient for larger ads.

If you run a mega-site or a newsite, you may even get away wtih a significant number of text ads and a sidebar of ads.

Any more than that, and you will drive away your visitor.

Remember, your people are there for content, not ads.

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How to Choose a domain name

One of the hardest thing new marketers struggle with is finding an available domain name for their website.

Choosing the right domain name for your online business can mean the difference between being found online, and having a website that no one ever visits.

The difficulty is, a lot of great domain names were snatched up years ago.

So, what do you do when every single variant of your business name was claimed long ago?

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Lead magnets that work

What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is just a way to get your customer to keep visiting your website.

That is important, because the more someone comes to your website, the more opportunity you have to build rapport with them.

Lead magnets can come in many forms. Mini-series, white papers, and special reports are just a few. Newsletters are probably the most common type of lead magnet.

When a lot of people sign up for your newsletter, or other lead magnet, it gives you a chance to let them know what you are all about, and to learn more about them…if you do it right.

Another great thing about lead magnets is, they give you a chance to promote your product. When someone signs up for your newsletter, they get to hear from you once a week, or more.

If you write a quality newsletter, or other lead magnet,  you can keep your customer “in your loop” longer, which increases their exposure to your product.

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Internet Marketing Wisdom

Step one Knowledge

Most marketers strive to “crack the internet” code by finding bits and pieces of knowledge here and there. They know some things about internet marketing, but they don’t quite know how to fit it all together

Step two Education

Failing to piece together all of the random information they’ve acquired “for free”, the serious internet marketing student settles down, and gets some serious marketing training


After learning what to do, in what order, the student systematically begins applying the principles learned in their education


As their marketing education is applied, the student learns first hand what principals work where, or when, but there is still more to learn, and some things don’t appear to work in their particular business.


The student, now savvy enough to know a lot about marketing, reinvests in their business by hiring a consultant to look at every aspect of their business.


The business owner applies every sound piece of advice that the mentor recommends, referring back often for feedback.

Scaling up

Now that the business owner has the kinks worked out, it’s time to ramp up the advertising and begin expanding. VERY FEW marketers get here.


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