How to Create a Dynasty


Inside of every internet marketer is a desire to set the world on fire by being a trail-blazer and a game changer.  Internet marketing is the buzz word that screams, money, success, and power. Most people see within internet marketing the potential to put a product in front of the masses, and  to pull in sales like a money-making, automated wealth machine.

And all of these things are true. The problem is, no one is being shown what it really takes to create a dynasty.

Here’s what it takes: time. Yes, I know that all of the internet marketers out there, the ones who sell to other marketers, they aren’t mentioning this, but it really is true; being successful takes time. Especially if you want to be very successful. When you hear anyone tell you that you can make money hand over fist with very little effort, just do this:

untrustworthy, lying, business man fingers crossed

assume they are lying to you.

In my book “How to Sell Anything Online” I show you step  by step what it takes to become an internet marketing success. I don’t mislead you with promises of overnight wealth, or instant web domination. I’m real. I break it down to you step by step. You’ll see how to start at the very beginning and end up with a truly profitable business online. Check it out.

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Separating the losers from the winners in internet marketing success

In internet marketing you can “win” money

You can lose money

and you can be making no money and spending no money.

Those first two categories are easy to identify.

That last category describes most marketers. They never invest in their internet marketing education–but they never make any money either.

Reader, are you sick and tired of doing the same thing every day and getting ZERO results? ‘Cause if you are, it’s time for a real plan that works.

The “Secret System” you are looking for.

Everyone of you is looking for a “secret system”. I don’t care who you are. We all are. If you are diligent or lazy, Christian or pagan, internet marketer or lottery player, everyone is.

There are two reasons for this: a. you aren’t on the right track OR

b. you ARE on the right track to internet marketing success, but you don’t know it yet.  Even if you are on the right track, it can take time. And it’s easy to doubt yourself and wonder if you will get there in time to even enjoy it.

The Patriarchs of old went through this. Joseph had a dream that he would rule over his brother, and yet God let him sit in prison.  Don’t you think that he sometimes wondered if he would ever reach his dream? We read that God was putting iron in his bones.

Moses was on the backside of the desert for 40 years before stepping into his dream to deliver his people.

Abraham and Sarah were bona fide senior citizens before the birth of the promised child. What am I saying? I’m saying that just because you have to wait, doesn’t mean it will never happen.

How do you know if you are doing the right thing?

Well, first of all, the right thing can change. What does work today might not work tomorrow.  We all know this.  But there are some things that are pretty certain.

If you have a product that no one else has, but that everyone wants,

if you promote it on a reasonably attractive platform

and if you promote it properly, then you have a better chance of success. So start with that.

But now, I want to tell you the REaL and I  do mean the real deal secret to success. And it is the only truth that will never change in your marketing scheme, ever.  Here it is:

The Best Game Plan for your internet Marketing Business

Does your game plan keep disappearing from day to day, and getting replaced with the latest trick? Here are some common lies that are being promoted on the internet. Do you believe this internal dialogue?

“The best marketing plan for my business is one that gets me lots of followers on Facebook”


“The best marketing plan for my business is one that brings me traffic.”

Okay. That’s a good start. Let’s go on.

“The Best Marketing plan for my business is one that actually makes me sales, already!!

…you’re getting warm…

“The Best Marketing plan for my business is one the makes me Money, for crying out loud!

Partially true…read on…

The Best Marketing plan for my business is the one that actually makes me a profit…

…you’re almost there…

“Sue, what are you talking about? You don’t think it’s important that I make a profit”?

Let me explain–

If you get lots of people who:

  • like your product,
  • follow you on Facebook, Twitter Instagram…everything
  • and who visit your website

and who even buy from you
what you spend in:

  • advertising
  • webhosting
  • software
  • “opportunities”
    and other expenses—-if those expenses are deducted, and they actually DO bring you a profit, then you still have some math to do…because…

it really isn’t profit if your time isn’t paid for.

So. Let’s say that you make 25,000 a year in PURE PROFIT.
Let me ask you something….is the time you invested in making that money worth more than minimum wage? Because, if it is, then you didn’t even make that.

See, a lot of marketers are very good at bookkeeping, but they live in this carrot-on-the stick fantasy world.

They may not measure their success (like so many marketers do) in terms of social media activity, traffic or even sales, because they have been around the block, so to speak, and they have learned that it isn’t what you make, it’s what you keep (after buying leads, paying for ads, etceters.)

But one thing that almost every marketer struggles with is putting value on their time.

A lot of marketers are retired, on disablility, or just self-employed. So they don’t figure in the value of their time, because they just think, I’m not doing anything else with my time right now.

But time always has value, no matter how much of it you think that you have.
We would never hear of someone underselling their product because they have too much money on their hands. Yet marketers consistently undersell their product because they don’t factor in the value of their time, when they go to price their product.

You need to see the value of your time the way that a physical shop owner would price his “overhead”. You may not have the mortgage, lights and gas to pay on a separate building, you may not have inventory to account for, but you can be sure, if you are an internet marketer, you spend plenty time on your business each week.

And what a lot of marketers fail to do is to track the time they actually spend on their business, not taking into account basic things like creating a post, checking their stats, ect. All of these tasks are YOUR TIME that you are INVESTING in your business. You need to account for that when you figure out your profit margin.

How to go the distance in Internet Marketing

As you get started making money on the internet highway, you may need to ask yourself a few questions:

What am I hoping to achieve?

Is it money? Traffic? Being number one on Google? Obviously some of these are a means to an end. For example, having lots of traffic may indeed result in being number one on Google, which can result in lots of sales. Still, many internet marketers seem to lose sight of why they are online in the first place. Unless you want to make a lot of traffic for the sake of saying “my website got one million hits”, then you need to ask, why. Why do I need to be number one on Google? To make sales, right? But being number one on Google doesn’t guarantee that you will make any money at all. And having lots of traffic doesn’t guarantee that Google will recognize you. And if you don’t keep the end goal in mind, you can lose your focus. So always answer the question, What am I hoping to achieve. For most, the end result is to make a good income.

“Is my strategy right”?

Before you head down the internet super highway, be sure that you know where you are headed (to a better income, right?) and after that, examine how you will get there. How are you going to turn your internet business into a money making system? What process will you use? What training will you get? What strategy you will implement for the long view? Finding out how others have done it may help. So could trying a few things and seeing which works.

Has the highway changed?

I’ll never forget when my friend and I followed a brand new map, only to find that our trip to Kansas took us to a farmer’s back yard. We had purchased our map on that very same day, so we knew it must be current;  yet the farmer insisted that the highway had been closed for years. Which brings me to my next point…misinformation abounds on the internet super-highway. And what’s more, even if the advice you received online was good last season, it may be outdated today.

It isn’t easy making money online, which is why I developed a roadmap to using the internet. When you sign up for my internet marketing blueprint, I work one on one with you checking out the terrain of your business and surveying your best approach. You’ll be shown:

How to customize your business for your current market

I’ll show you what marketing strategy to begin with for where you are right now in your business.

You’ll receive up to three additional call back dates so you can “touch base” with me on how your business is doing, and where you should go from there (some marketing plans need to be adjusted along the way, so this is a good option for you if you are trying different things out on your business).

It’s basically a flow chart of “if/then” for your business.  You’ll understand what the next step is, depending upon the outcome of various strategies I’ll have you implement. I pour over every possible scenario, and map out your options for you depending upon each probable outcome.  If you can’t afford one-on-one mentoring, an Internet Marketing Blueprint is your next best option.

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