The Silent Skill of Discernment

Is the subconscious aware of what’s going on because of a continual flow of facts which are too numerous to consciously analyze….but subconsciously tallied, sifted, and assessed?

Or is there something more at work here? Is there some supernatural element of insight given by the “universe to all human beings?

Whether it comes about through mentally stored experience, peripheal awareness, or quick snippets of supernatural insight, all of us have experienced the phenomona of intution; it’s the dynamic whereby you know something, but you just don’t know how.

In decision making and strategizing, this is called “discernement”.

Discernment is a quality which is lacking in a lot of internet marketers. And that is sad, because there are so many marketers who know so much, but yet don’t understand how to apply what they know, in which situation. Maybe you “get” the fundamentals of web design, and best marketing practices. But maybe something in your gut is telling you, “do it this way…this time”. You see, that is something that all of the information in the world can’t give you. And that is what you need for your internet marketing business.

When I give people advice about their situation, I don’t just rattle off some pre-formatted script of directives. I don’t just use a spreadsheet of info and go with the highest batting average. That’s because, in internet marketing, there are far too many variables at stake to rely solely on data. Sometimes something just feels off with a certain strategy. Almost always, the client feels it too. That’s why they call a mentor for clarifiction.

If you do internet marketing consulting for your clients, you should exercise individual discernment with each case you take on. The truth is, with mentoring and consulting, there is no “one size fits all” approach.

If you are a mentor or a consultant, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. And if you are looking for a mentor to help you find your way in internet marketing, I invite you to contact me.

Together, we can find  a plan that’s right for your business.



Quantum Marketing

Quantum mechanics’ core assumption is that on the smallest scales, atomic properties are quantized, meaning that particles take on discrete, rather than continuous states—their properties exist along a staircase rather than a ramp. For example, an electron can be in a lowest-energy state, but if you add a little more energy, it doesn’t slowly transition into the new higher-energy state. Rather, it unpredictably snaps into the new state. If you’re not looking at it, the atom can take on intermediate states—but these aren’t midway points. The atom would be in both states at the same time, and then once you observed it, it would immediately snap into one state or the other. –Ryan Mandelbaum, journalist at Gizmodo

So, fellow marketers, let me break this down and apply it for you; this is merely saying that something that is nuanced and layered, atomically speaking, in the way that it is formed, can atomically change instantaneously, through out every layer.
I’m talking here about instant transformation with your business.

See, a lot of you have spent alot of time in your business. You have layered and created your various marketing layers, if you will, step by step, to create the business in which you have. But in quantum mechanics, if you add a bit more energy to something, it snaps from the first layer,to the last layer instantaneously, without any stair stepping.

Sort of like changing the theme to your blog…and with one click, everything goes into effect, without you changing your settings one at a time.

Well, in marketing, I have found that there is one element that you can add to your business, that will take everything to the next level. And it’s so simple that if I told you, might not believe me.

It’s diligence.

When you use carefully planning, scheduling, and foresight to your business, you are going to see everything JUMP, just like the excerpt above said regarding quantum mechanics.

Now, before you tune me out, just hang with me for several moments.

If you think about it, everything in your life can be structured. And if it wasn’t, it would fall apart. But it’s all connected.

Your daily tasks play, one into the other. But if you can learn to schedule those things, you put them on a connected stair case. And when you add more juice to one of those components, it affects all of the layers….provided your marketing system is structured and ordered.

So here’s what I mean…you post on your blog, and instantly you get traffic, followers, sales. Why? Because you had the other components in place. Now, one post automatically jumps your sales.

Isn’t that what all marketers want? They want…instant sales. In other words, they want the quantum mechanics “effect”, in marketing, that is, they want “quantum marketing” but they don’t want to develop those nuanced layers first.

Which is why you get all of these loons screaming “get rich over night like me”. Because they have heard of the quantum effect in marketing from someone who experienced it.

Now here is where EVERY one get trapped in their thinking. Their Knower in them Knows that it’s true….it knows that people can get very wealthy and that there is some “key” to it. We all feel that reality (don’t you feel it, reader?). Well, the instinct is correct the process that the hucksters are pushing is all wrong. It’s not this product, that system, or this affiliate launch. When you see marketers pushing all different kinds of products, all of the time, it just means that they themselves have not yet found “the answer”. And then when they try something for a while, and get success, they think it’s “the one”. But when it’s not, then they jump to the next one. And then they think that the answer is jumping…yea, that’s it. That’s the ticket. I’ll just jump from product to product…but no friends, jumping from product to product is NOT the quantum leap you are looking for.

The quantum leap in marketing happens in your mind when you make the mental leap from “next’ into “stay”. As in, I’m going to stay with a system that works.

Here it is.

Pick a product that has a market, but a specific market. Pick a product you can live with.
Make a blog. Post every day about your product.
Make your blog look really good.
Develop an online presence that is professional.
Post every day, on your blog, if you can.
FORGET about seo for now.
Write to your audience.
Realize this will take time.
Try to put up at least one post per day, especially in the beginning.
Tell people a bit about yourself.
FIND ANOTHER SIDE HUSTLE or product to promote or sell on ebay, but don’t spend all of your time in it.
Believe that your primary product and business will be successful. (if you don’t think it has that potential, then you need a different product).

Now, I talk about all of these things step by nuanced step in my program “How to sell Anything Online”. If you know how to do all of these things, then do them. If you don’t, then order my program.
But either way, give your business, (which should be selling one primary product OF YOUR OWN) at least one full year before quitting, and at least two before expecting results.

That’s the golden key, my friends, that’s the quantum leap in marketing; it’s the decision to be diligent.

Shut up and write already

Wow! Doesn’t that seem harsh?  I worded it that way because there’s this little voice I hear when I make a post, and that voice sounds creepy. I sometimes hear it when I’m blogging about (gasp) …God!

So like (valley girl mode) I’ll go on this bunny trail, where I just start letting it flow. And I’ll get this strong impression to write someting. And God comes out because, well, he’s my best friend.; and like I told you, I’m just letting it flow, being myself.

Now some people will tell you that it’s not professional to blog about God. But even these secularists, if they know anything about marketing, will tell you that it is very good to be self-revelatory to a great degree (“real”) if you will, and to occassionally even let it all hang out.

(reader, if you are a liberal then,  trust me…you don’t EVerrr want me to let it ALL hang out) . but as I was saying, there are times when God pops out in my writings.

I post. And cringe. Not because I’m embarrassed about God. No way! God’s my hero. My war buddy. He’s,  well he’s AWESOME> i dig Him, and He likes me back;

He cheers me up when people take me for granted in the family

He has my back when some sociopath is playing some church game and puts me through a smear campaign with my tribe.

When people (used) to rip off my content, He still let traffic come to my website through the ripped off content, see, He’s awesome.

And the main reason I think it’s so professional that I mention Him is because, He absolutely guides me in how i run this blog. Very much so.

I know that withou Him, ranking for major internet marketing search terms would never happen.

As a matter of fact, without a specific word from Him, I never would have continued in this blog, this business,

One day, I may tell you the story of the internet marketer who hires a spiritual woman to give a prophetic word to his people. And how it changed my business. I can’t tell you today because there is a tribe of Christians out there who don’t believe that God can still do miracles today. As though God’s power went away after the resurrection or something. And I really don’t want God’s power attributed to Satan.

Which is another reason I get frustrated….I don’t want readers to mock my God and incur damnation on themselves. And it makes me mad when people made in His image start walking around like He has no right to have a say in who they are or who they say they are….(now don’t get me started, reader).

The reason I do have to mention Him though, is this; I talk to people all day about how to be successful with God. Online, I type about Him. So when people consult with me, or visit my blog, they expect to get the truth.

And the truth is, I feel the Almightyvery specifically guide me into how to run my blog and business… and that’s the secret to my success.

Hey reader, do you know that you can ask the almighty for specific insight into your business?


The “D” word in Marketing

In this day and age of vulgarity, we often see offensive words which are so noxious, even the media won’t touch them. Take, for example, the “N” word. No respectable person would be caught dead quoting it, much less saying it. Even racist people with money only whisper it in quiet settings, amongst their own.

Well today, I’d like to offer to you a word in marketing which is so horrifying to most marketers, that the average blogger will not mention it, much less write a tutorial about it.  It’s called, “discipline”.  Actually, I almost called it “diligence,” because the word discipline has a severe sound to it….it sounds like this:

“Don’t you EVVVerrrr touch another potato chip for the rest of your life!”

Or, “You haven’t blogged for five days straight, you loser”!

“Are you ever going to get out of bed?”  And if you look at those examples, what do you see? Deadlines; the need for commitment; inflexibility.

And so, people shy away from discipline, because discipline doesn’t sell that well.  But one thing we’ve all learned is, discipline is important. Because if you take shortcuts, they will catch up with you.

Where I live, the school district  had THE WORST grade of any district in the nation. Ultimately, they lost their accreditation. Why? Discipline.  And lack of diligence.  I talked to my friend Jesse about her daughter not being able to spell “plaid”.  She ducked her head and informed me that she herself couldn’t spell. “Jess!” I screamed. (yes…i  really screamed). “How can this be?” Jesse was a medical professional who prepped surgical rooms.  She carried a medical bag with her and looked like a nurse. She took people’s vitals at church if they were having some issue. I had thought she was an RN. She explained that in school, they kept passing her to the next grade even though she was woefully lost, because she was “a good girl”.  While others were cutting class and cutting each other (literally) she was there every morning, bright and shining at her desk. Apparently, the teachers thought, “if ANYone in this circus called a school deserves promotion, it’s her”. I’m sure there’s another blogpost to be written about that reality. But the point I’m making is, graduating Jesse didn’t help her in the long run. It put her in a position where she had gaps. Serious gaps. Embarrasing gaps. And we all have them. When a former vice president of the United States of America spelled potato with an e (potatoe) in front of school children, we all cringed. How did that happen? Gaps. Someone may have advanced him, or accepted payment for college acceptance (something the mainstream media apparently has no clue happens every day, but I digress…). My point is….men in general can’t spell 🙂 No, seriously, poor spelling is not the worst gap a person can have. I’m just saying that when you are diligent, you check your progress along the way. Yes, I know many bloggers can’t spell.  At all.   That’s not a super big deal when you blog, believe it or not. I’ve seen typos on government websites, even in Bibles.  But the higher we go, the more important it is to be diligent.

Here are a few things I have observed, some “gaps” if you will, even with seasoned bloggers. Don’t cringe if you have these.

Missing taglines

“This is an about page”

“Hi, I’m a comment. You can edit me”

“There are no posts on this page”  (come on, blogger, put something up there!)

“Did anyone else notice this”?  Yea, probably, but no one judged you. We all have gaps, we just don’t talk about all of them because no one’s told us about all of  them…yet:)


Now blogger, one thing that I insist you do is, don’t do this- Don’t, i repeat DO NOT crawl under a rock and stay there, if your blog had some gaps, I mean, please don’t do that. I received a very nice letter the other day from someone politely informing that the word juice on a post had been spelled joice, okay? They were gracious and kind, but it still made me scramble. As you go through your blog and find errors, just shake your hand and welcome yourself to the human race. Then keep on blogging!

I would love to know more about everyone who enjoyed this article. Would you please tell me what you are passionate about in life?  (say anything!)

Thanks for commenting. Hey, did you like this post? If you did, you’ll love this one on gaps

Content marketing and the reptilian brain.

Content marketing and the reptilian brain.

“I know it’s only rock and roll but I like it. I know it’s only rock and roll but I like it, like it, yes I do.”

Okay, do I sound two years old here? Read it again. This, readers, is the million dollar song. People from all over the world flock to hear singers from the group, “The Rolling Stones” sing this song.

Was it the lyrics that made this a classic? No way. It’s the ear candy. Without the background music and the muscicians, this song would be annoying to everyone.

It’s the same way with your website.

What eactly IS content?

Alot of marketers think that they can’t add content to their website unless they are writers who post 250 words in every article they add to their blog. But that’s not true! Other things count as content, not just writing. That’s because your content is so much more than just the words you write.

If your writing is really really poor, immature, or juvenile, then you can do one of two things; you can improve your writing skills (takes time) or you could spice up your space with some eyecandy.  You could draw your own illustrations, or pay someone to do that for you.  You could even hire a photographer. I think I have an even better idea.

Add better photos to your website.

Yep, that’s probably your best first choice for adding non verbal content that isn’t super annoying. So, having a song play automatically on a website, or a pop up form that assaults your readers– that’s not good. However, one super easy addition you can make to your website, if you aren’t much of a writer, is just to put a high quality photo at the top of each post.

How to get good photos on your website

Take them. No, seriously. Maybe you can’t work a camera really well, but you can invest some time in taking better pictures. I rcommend that my students spend one hour per day taking the very best photos that they can for their website. It’s expensive to constantly pay a fee for the pleasure of using a photo that isn’t exclusively yours anyway. Why not take your own?

Go online and find a really cheap camera. Get the very best one you can afford. Practice taking pictures in different lighting. Get a cheap tripod. Snap pictures of people doing very natural things that would resonate with your reader. Just make sure they look natural and not forced or staged.  At the end of the week, you are going to have plenty of pictures to choose from. Every week, put up a quality photo. You are going to learn so much about photography (why do marketers shy away from this?)

Educate yourself. If you keep screwing one thing up, go online and find out the solution. People do take selfies all the time that wind up on the front page of Google. You don’t have to have a huge lens and tons of equipment. Just intentionally invest some serious time this week in working that camera.

Well, I hope this article on Content Marketing has given hope to those of you who aren’t really writers. The truth is, your readers aren’t necessarily looking for a high articulation level in your posts, especially if they aren’t super articulate. Remember, it’s the user experience they are looking for. Even if you aren’t much of a writer, you can still help the overall atmosphere of your blog through the use of soundbites, graphics, and even an invitation for others to particate in polls and surveys. Inviting your readers to comment is also great, as this too counts as content.

Yes, it’s really true, you don’t have to be able to write well in order to write a song. The same is also true of your blog; even if you can’t write well, you can still improve your overall content.