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Ordering your day

Ordering your day.
Charles Schwab who owns the famous investment company which bears his name, tells a story he had with a mentor. Mr. Schwab asked the mentor to tell him how to be more productive. Rather than scheduling a mentoring session, the advisor simply told him, “Mr. Schwab, I will give you one piece of advice, and if you think it is worth anything, you can pay me $10,000.”
Charles agreed. One week later, Charles wrote the advisor a check for $10,000.
What do you think his advice was?
When I first heard this story, I really thought that the secret was stocks. Or maybe some other investment strategy, like buying up precious metals.
No, the secret that Charles Schwab received is so brain dead simple, that I don’t think he would have even looked at it twice if the advisor had not designated a value to it.
It really is that simple.
And that profound.
In fact, it is so profitable, I would attach a million dollars to it’s worth.
So what was the advice?
I almost hesitate to tell you lest you find it too elementary.

Write down the three most important things you need to do today.
Gah! Is that it? Is that really it? Yup.
But follow through is everything.
In my e-series “How to organize your time” I show you how to manage re-occurring tasks as well as one time projects, and everything in between. This is not an ebook, it’s a total lifestyle changer.
You can read more here.
Ps. This is not some fluff filled puff book full of irrelevant tips like soaking in bubble baths to relax and the power of post it notes. This is a robust tutorial full of meaty strategies for getting control of your time and life.
Now, if you want to ratchet it up a notch, I also offer one on one mentoring . you can read more about that here
But whatever you decide, please, please, please try the “3 main things” rule today, and see if it doesn’t change your life.

The Best way to make money online

There’s a lot of buzz on the internet about the best way to make money online.

I really think there is a single, best way to make money online, but before I explain how, let me tell you what is NEVER the right way to make money online, OR offline:

It is never good to make money unethically.

Making money unethically just means, making money in a way that is dishonest or that takes advantage of others.

Sadly, that describes a lot of the methods that others are using these days to make money online.

Here are a few of them:

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketers don’t sell their own product. Instead, they make money everytime they recommend a product, and someone buys that product  (sort of like, commission). Not all affiliate marketers are shady people; but when something becomes as popular as affiliate marketing has, it is sure to be abused by the masses.

The bad side of affiliate marketeting is that a lot of people recommend or endorse products that they have never used, or that they know is garbage, just to get a commission, not because they believe in the product itself.

Because of this, affiliate marketing has come to be known as an unscrupulous way to make money (though it doesn’t have to be that way, if done correctly…and ethically).

Link farms:

Link farms are just affiliate sites (or ad sites) with affiliate links or ad links. In other words, everytime someone clicks on the link, they are clicking on ad for a product, or going to a website that gives a commission to the webowner who posts the link ad.

In and of itself, a link ad is fine,  but the problem happens when a web owner floods his or her website with nothing but links.

It looks tacky, and it takes away from the credibility of the web in general.

Running ads on a website

There is nothing wrong with this, as long as the webowner

knows whose ads they are running and

doesn’t oversaturate their website with ads. Too many ads slow down the website and take away from the user experience. Plus, they can freeze your visitors site, inundate them with pop-ups, and even roll over the text that your visitor is trying to read.

This is SUPER annoying for your visitor, and pulls down the credibility of the web as a whole.

Plus, it penalizes you in the search engine rankings if you run too many ads on your site.

When placing advertisements on your blog or website, remember, more is less.

One banner ad a the top, and one large ad at the bottom, are sufficient for larger ads.

If you run a mega-site or a newsite, you may even get away wtih a significant number of text ads and a sidebar of ads.

Any more than that, and you will drive away your visitor.

Remember, your people are there for content, not ads.

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How to Choose a domain name

One of the hardest thing new marketers struggle with is finding an available domain name for their website.

Choosing the right domain name for your online business can mean the difference between being found online, and having a website that no one ever visits.

The difficulty is, a lot of great domain names were snatched up years ago.

So, what do you do when every single variant of your business name was claimed long ago?

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How to (really) make money online|The definition of “online marketing::

Internet Marketing means just what it says…you “market” or “sell” something on the internet.

That would be the most technical definition, if you took both words and analyzed them.

But the truth is, the term “Internet Marketing” has kind of morphed into another category:

That is, selling other people’s stuff online (that’s called, affiliate marketing)
and, selling ad space on your site (which technically is selling something, I mean you are selling ad space…you just aren’t selling a physical product).

I say all of this because not everyone who visits my site wants to sell something online. A lot of people just want to make money off of the internet without actually selling something.

And yes, it can be done, but there is a steep learning curve.
Also, a lot of people who make money online without selling anything, have a spammy approach to doing so.

Making money with a link farm

For example, a lot people who make money online, do it by putting up a mega site filled with lots of links to other people’s sites. When a visitor clicks on that link, the website owner makes money. That’s right. Just by having people click on a page filled with links, that website owner makes money because the person who owns the website that was clicked on, pays the owner of the “link farm” a fee every time someone clicks on that link.


Making money selling ads on your website

Another way that people make money online is by selling ad-space. Visitors come to the website because it is filled with articles that interest them. The owner of that website doesn’t make any money by selling a product, but by selling ad space.
Many such websites look garish and spammy. For every article served, there are a bazillion ads, which means that often times, the computer freezes when you are on that site. Plus, they don’t typically offer a lot of meaty content to read.

Making money selling leads

Another way that people make money online, is by gathering leads. They usually put up something called a “squeeze” page, or a lead capture page, and use this to get people to sign up for “free” information. The problem is, the information isn’t always free, but it has a cost: as in privacy. See a lot of these type of “marketers” sell your information, like your email address, to other companies who will spam you incessantly; and that’s not good.

The best way to make money online

I’m not going to tell you t hat you can’t make money using these techniques. I will say, though, that the competition is fierce with affiliate marketing. And the potiential for getting banned by Google is greater when you are a “thin” affiliate, or you have too many ads on your site.

In my opinion, the very best way to make money online is to have an actual product or service OF YOUR OWN, that you, yourself, are selling online.

That’s it!

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