How to Draw Traffic to your site

Are you looking for ways to draw traffic to your website for little or no money?

Here are three major ways to draw a swarm of interested visitors to your blog or website.

Youtube videos-

–You make a professional video and add a link to your video that viewer’s can click on to be taken to your website.

This a very inexpensive way to get traffic to your website. In fact, if you don’t use editing software, it can be 100% free. All you need is some time, and a quality recorder.

Article marketing

—When you post your content on an article marketing website, you give other website owners permission to repost your article on their site, with one condition>>>they must link back to your website.

Search engine optimization—

If you have more time than money, than try organic search engine optimization. Similar to pay per click, organic search engine optimization uses SEO to rank you well on the organic (non ad) rankings. Grab your free starter tutorial here

These are by no means the only ways in which to drive traffic to your blog or website, but they are some of the most effective.

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What is Content Marketing

How content marketing is different from selling online

Content marketing is what happens when someone makes a website and runs ads off it. There is so much good quality content that the traffic to that website is enormous.

An example of this is an online encyclopedia like Of course, an encyclopedia as an example is a no brainer; everyone reading this article knows how an online encyclopedia is a content site. But most of  you reading this don’t have the staff or money to hire enough writers, researchers, and educators to contribute the quality material you would need in order to build an online encyclopedia.

So, let’s use the content site “” as an example. In the early days of “the net”, someone was smart enough to grab the domain name About.Com.  You see the genius in such a name; everyone and their brother are searching for information online “about” something or other. This website was certain to show up in the search rankings multiple times. In time, developed a reputation of being a “go to” website for information “about” anything.

And today, has hundreds of contributors and dozens of advertisers.

But here’s the thing: isn’t selling anything. It’s a content website.

So how does a website like or make any money? Simple: Advertisers are always looking for a high traffic portal to place their ads on. More visitors to a website means more clicks on those ads

To put it simply,

“Content websites make money off of the advertising space they sell”.

That’s it.

I don’t talk too much about content marketing because it doesn’t tie in with the theme of this blog….which is, “How to Sell Anything online”.

And I also back off from the topic because there are so many bad, unethical ways to make money without selling a viable product…and I tend to shy away from teaching people something they could abuse.

But I want you to know, there actually are other ways to make money online other than selling online—and ethically, at that.

(Now, to be fair, if you are a content marketer, you actually are selling something—you are selling ad space—but I think you get my point).

In my new tutorial “How to make money online without selling anything” I cover just that…ways that you can make a great income online without ever selling anything to your visitors (you can claim that here):



How to go the distance

How to go the distance.

As you proceed in your online ventures, there are going to be times when you just need to pump your self up a little bit. Here are some tips that   have become my “go juice” if you will.

  1. Put on your thinking cap. Yes, every morning, I have a serious brainstorming session where I go over my business and meticulously ask myself “Are there gaps?”. Then, I fill those gaps. Seomtimes, the gaps take several days, sometimes longer, but I put them on the list and schedule a time to work them
  2. The everyday same old. Alright this just means the ho hum, everyday details that need to be done. I spice that up after I schedule a time for each of those. Maybe I hang the necessary tasks one by one from the ceiling, written on a note card.  Maybe I write it on the mirror in lipstick so it will haunt me the next morning, if I know I’ll put that task off. I might spell it out by using cheerios as letters  if I really want to get my attention (I have found this to be very effective for my teenagers).
  3. Having said all this, I bring you to my next point which is..”It doesn’t have to be fun…it just has to get done”. What I mean is, I take those tasks and I just…do them. Even if there’s no time to make it look pretty on paper (or table, hanging from ceiling…whatever)
  4. Withdraw and analyze. At the end of the day, I go over my business one more time. And that’s really the secret to my success. I am diligent.

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The inspiration Station

Today I want to talk to you about the “inspiration station” of your mind.

Your mind is a wonderful thing, but like any good thing, it can be misused.

Are you using your mind to think self-defeating thoughts? Do you imagine negative scenarios that may occur if everything doesn’t quite work out?

 “And another thing…”

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it could be like to go back into a conversation you had with an adversary, and to change the script? Maybe the argument would have gone better if we would have said  this in response to that thing they said. I think we all have done that, and that, my friend, is called “changing the script”.

So why do we do this? Well, there is something within all of us that seeks resolution and closure. We earnestly want to go back and make the situation (such as, a discussion) go in our favor. That’s why we do so much “script writing” (or rewriting if you will) in our heads.

All creative people do this and if you are one of them, I have an exercise for you.
Instead of rewriting the script of your past, begin writing your script of tomorrow.
The next time you find yourself absentmindedly talking to the person from the past who is no longer there. or thinking about what thing you could have done differently in life, fast- forward to the future (rather than the past) and write your script.

This is a very powerful exercise because your spirit hears what your mind is saying, and your mind hears what your mouth says.

“I declare!

Walk around the room and declare what you would like for your life to be like in ten years, but speak it as though it has happened.

This is called making a faith declaration and it’s not voodoo, magic or witchcraft my friend…it is absolutely spiritual PROVIDED that what you are declaring is a truly God given dream, or a good and proper desire that falls under the umbrella of “if God wills”.

As you take this faith walk, you will be amazed at what comes out of your mouth.

Words have power, so be careful not to speak out anything you don’t want to have happen. Be sure to “think big” and to talk faith, not doubt.

If you are unsure about this, I challenge you to read these scriptures and see if you think they apply.
Then take your faith and walk and pay close attention to any details God provides while you “speak out” His will.

It’s also helpful to find any scriptures that apply or that God has given you about your dream. Quote these while you speak out your dream.

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Thanks! We’ll get that right out to you.

Is true prosperity really material??

good samaritanThere’s a scripture that I would like to read today.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

There are actually three kinds of prosperity listed here:

  1. Financial prosperity,
  2. Physically prosperity, and
  3. Spiritual  prosperity.

See if you can find the spiritual prosperity in this verse:

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”.

Now, I bet you can find the part about physical prosperity

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Well, that was easy; Here we read that we are to be as healthy as we are spiritual. This is “physical prosperity”.

But we won’t stop there. It’s also easy to see the financial prosperity that God is talking about in this verse

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Do you see the three kinds of prosperity here? Most people do see it, unless they have been pre-conditioned to reject financial prosperity.
Though well-versed they may be in scripture, they fail to recall the tremendous financial blessings of Job, Abraham, and Joseph. Or how God specifically decided to make Solomon the richest man who ever would be, when he asked God for the spiritual prosperity of wisdom.

Yes, it is true that many “prosperity” preachers have perverted the purpose of prosperity to mean something that is consumed upon one’s lust, as James condemns.
They missed the point…the purpose of prosperity is to be blessed and to bless others.

How could the good Samaritan pour oil and wine on the injured man, if he himself had no oil and wine to give? How could he have put him on his own beast, if he was too poor to afford transportation? How could he then have afforded to lose three days wages tending the mans wounds? And how in the world could a poor Samaritan have afforded three nights stay at an inn. It sounds to me like he was a prosperous Samaritan.

And if that’s not enough, he writes a blank check to the inn keeper by saying, “Take care of him, and when I return this way,I’ll pay you back”.

Does that sound to you like the kind of prosperity that could get things done?
Does that sound to you like the kind of prosperity that could bless God’s kingdom?

What would you do if you had a million dollars, those of you who so despise the idea of God dumping money on His people? Would you bless others? Would you backslide?

The good Samaritan is a beautiful passage, but do you think the Samaritan was a backslider? Was he so financially blessed that he couldn’t live for God?
That’s not what we see. We see a man who was so blessed by God that he himself was a blessing.

Doesn’t that sound like the way prosperity is supposed to be?