My internet Marketing Story

My story
Hi. I’m Sue. I’m a mother of three, an artist, and an internet marketer. I have the joy and privilege of teaching my children at home, so I am big on self-education. I think to be a success as an educator, you need to teach the student how to teach themselves; asking the right questions; doing their own research…(read more)


Internet Marketing Plan

Are you tired of spinning your wheels with internet marketing?

Do you find yourself jumping from one project to the next, with no gameplan or purpose?

How long has it been since you made the kind of money you know that you deserve?

These questions should help you know one crucial thing:


When you have a marketing plan, you have a roadmap that you are sure will get you to where you are going.

But most marketers have no idea whatsoever if they are even on the right track!

Aren’t you tired of throwing new marketing gimmiks at the wall? If few of your tactics are working, it’s time for a real plan.

You’ll find it here.

How to Sell anything on the internet

Part one of my special report,

“How to avoid the internet-marketing trap”

How to


Make Money Online

I.Preventing Distractions.

A. Avoiding Information overload.Even “free” information becomes wearisome, when it’s no info at all!. Most teaser newsletters are mere snippets of info, nuggets of unrelated knowledge that clog your inbox. To really learn about something, you need to

really learn about it!,

and get real training. On that note, avoid buying every training manual out there before you can afford it. Get all the knowledge you can, but when you do make sure

1)it is knowledge you need
2)it is knowledge you can afford.

B. Avoid “Shiny Gadget Syndrome”In the beginning, you need to be extremely selective about the tools you buy. This is where most newbies get sucked in and go “belly-up” financially. There seems to be a persistent myth in the online world that some ultra-simple formula exists to make you cash over night.

Here is the simple truth:

The vast majority of internet marketers make their money by selling get rich quick plans

Why is this so successful? Because we want to believe it. Oh, people, be very very leary of people who tell you that you can make money hand over fist by doing a b and c. There are a whole lot of steps between a and b, and even more between b and c.
Even this manual is only an outline

Before you buy any program promising to make you money, make sure that you can afford them, and that they are what you really need.

Make sure that what you are purchasing is significant to your specific purpose.
And make sure that you are never “in the hole” when you purchase any online tools or training. Don’t go into debt trying to make money. That’s just dumb. Instead, buy what you need, one tool at a time.

Now, knowing just what to do first, what to buy or what service to pay for, and in what order to do it is the key to really making money.

To start doing that immediately, sign up for my internet marketing course. In it, I’ll show you exactly what to do to begin making money immediately, and when to begin critical tasks, while waiting on others.

If you want to see the whole marketing broth cook beautifully, you don’t just need the right ingredients; you also need to know how to put it all together. Right temperatures. When to stir, to add, to turn up the heat. I show you all of this. It’s sort of like Julia Child showing a batchelor how to make thanksgiving dinner. Even if he can’t boil water.

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Part II of How to sell anything on the internet–avoiding the internet marketing trap

How to (really) make money online|The definition of “online marketing::

Internet Marketing means just what it says…you “market” or “sell” something on the internet.

That would be the most technical definition, if you took both words and analyzed them.

But the truth is, the term “Internet Marketing” has kind of morphed into another category:

That is, selling other people’s stuff online (that’s called, affiliate marketing)
and, selling ad space on your site (which technically is selling something, I mean you are selling ad space…you just aren’t selling a physical product).

I say all of this because not everyone who visits my site wants to sell something online. A lot of people just want to make money off of the internet without actually selling something.

And yes, it can be done, but there is a steep learning curve.
Also, a lot of people who make money online without selling anything, have a spammy approach to doing so.

Making money with a link farm

For example, a lot people who make money online, do it by putting up a mega site filled with lots of links to other people’s sites. When a visitor clicks on that link, the website owner makes money. That’s right. Just by having people click on a page filled with links, that website owner makes money because the person who owns the website that was clicked on, pays the owner of the “link farm” a fee every time someone clicks on that link.


Making money selling ads on your website

Another way that people make money online is by selling ad-space. Visitors come to the website because it is filled with articles that interest them. The owner of that website doesn’t make any money by selling a product, but by selling ad space.
Many such websites look garish and spammy. For every article served, there are a bazillion ads, which means that often times, the computer freezes when you are on that site. Plus, they don’t typically offer a lot of meaty content to read.

Making money selling leads

Another way that people make money online, is by gathering leads. They usually put up something called a “squeeze” page, or a lead capture page, and use this to get people to sign up for “free” information. The problem is, the information isn’t always free, but it has a cost: as in privacy. See a lot of these type of “marketers” sell your information, like your email address, to other companies who will spam you incessantly; and that’s not good.

The best way to make money online

I’m not going to tell you t hat you can’t make money using these techniques. I will say, though, that the competition is fierce with affiliate marketing. And the potiential for getting banned by Google is greater when you are a “thin” affiliate, or you have too many ads on your site.

In my opinion, the very best way to make money online is to have an actual product or service OF YOUR OWN, that you, yourself, are selling online.

That’s it!

Are you ready to sell online?

Do you already have a product or service that you want to sell online? Whether or not you currently have a store front, or offline business, you can learn how to promote your product or service “on the web”.

You need to learn some simple concepts to succeed and, guess what? I can show you how to promote your business with out spending any extra money upfront.

When you sign up for my internet program, you’ll be shown how to

  • Sell online with or without a Website
  • How to develop or improve your website, from scratch, with zero funds.
  • How to promote your product with zero advertising fees
  • and how to position yourself as an expert.

It’s all right here


Question:Can I sell online without a shopping cart?

Answer: Yes!

My first sale ever was over the phone. A lot of people think it’s insane to suggest that anyone would place an order over the phone, but the truth is, it happens all the time!

Many people are afraid of giving out their credit card information online.

In fact that’s exactly what one of my customers told me..

”I feel real funny entering my information on the internet”.

She was delighted to write me a personal check, and even sent me multiple ways to contact her if I needed to .

Believe me, she was more than happy to make her payment OFFLINE.

In my mentoring classes, I’ve discovered that shopping carts and payment gateways terrify many new online business owners. There is so much to learn with merchant accounts and payment limits, not to mention the possibility of “charge backs’—it can leave the average internet marketer overwhelmed.

And many of them are convinced that they MUST have a payment button in order to make money “off the internet”. (Well, THAT may be true, when you put it that way).

But how about looking at it this way: You are making the sale online and getting paid offline. Yes, that is still called internet marketing

I talk all about  this  in my internet marketing program “How To Sell Anything Online”.

In it, you’ll learn how to sell on the internet without setting up a payment gateway. You’ll learn how to collect payments offline AND how to collect payments online without  even opening a merchant account. When you are ready (and funded), then and only then do we approach setting up a full merchant account on your website.

I show you how to start right where you are at, making money immediately selling online.

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