How to get sales on line

Let’s go fishing!

Looking to snag some sales online?

Are you new to the internet? Are you struggling to understand some basic functions like

Sales funnels

Conversion rates

and even

How to build a website?


Getting started at internet marketing can be tough.

One of the biggest pitfalls that internet marketing  beginners make is buying every gadget out there, and then trying to make if work…with other random marketing gadgets.

Aren’t you tired of trying to build a puzzle from 20 different boxes of puzzle pieces?

It’s time for a real internet marketing plan.

For a limited time only, I’m offering internet marketing training to 12 beginning marketers.

If you just learned how to surf the web and get online, you should know a few basics before beginning.

Simple things, like logging on, minimizing windows, and opening email.

If you aren’t up to speed with that, then I send you to my complimentary computer basics website.

But once you know enough to navigate your computer, you are good to go.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to sell without a website.  And how to sell your own product.

How to get sales and traffic immediately

Getting an online presence

How to build a blog

Increasing your online following

Getting real traffic to your website

And more.

If you just learned how to navigate your computer, and how to surf the web, but you don’t have a clue about internet marketing, this program is for you.

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Online Business Checklist

The other day, I was chatting with someone about the basics of online businesses.

I was amazed at what this person thought you had to have in order to sell online.

Absolutely none of what they thought they must have was even necessary to begin their online business.

Here are some of the misconceptions I have heard other business owners say that they must have in order to take their business online:

  1. A website.  Virtually every new business owner I have ever spoken with things it’s impossible to sell online without a website. That’s not true.
  2. A domain name

Would you believe that you can sell online without owning a domain name? And you can even sell on your own website without buying a domain name.

3.  A webhosting company. Nope. Not mandatory.

    4.“A list. You have to have a list. The money’s in the list”.

(and when I ask them what they mean, they can’t even tell me).

More than anything, I find that when it comes to marketing a product online, new people are convinced that they best way to do it is the way that everyone else has been doing it.

There is a pervasive belief that one must know




How to network

and even basic coding skills in order to get anywhere “on the web”.

Yet every day, I meet marketers who aren’t implementing even half of these things, yet they are making money.

Now. Here’s the truth: all of these things are helpful, if they are done in the right order, in the right way, and at the right time. And they may not all be needed.

But what most new marketers (and a whole lot of full time marketers) do, is, they get a whole bunch of internet marketing ebooks,  on a whole lot of different approaches, and they head out in all directions. It’s kind of like someone who dumps five boxes of puzzle pieces from five diffrent puzzles, all over the card table, and then, they try to figure out the big picture.

The only problem is, they don’t have a singular picture, or strategy, that they are working toward.

In my internet marketing program, I do a “clean sweep” of all of this, and take you back to the basics. I tell you

how to fill in the gaps

how to realign some things

how to get your business structurally ready for success on the web and

I teach you how to make money immediately.

No, I didn’t say, I teach you how to get rich overnight. (aren’t you done with that, yet?)

But, you will learn

how to position yourself as an expert online

how to make sure you are in the proper niche and selling the right product

how to begin a blog and/or make your blog shine

SEO that doesn’t bite you with Google dropping you from the rankings.

Ethical marketing techniques THAT WORK.

So. If you are tired of the nonsense that all of these random affiliate programs provide,

or if you just want to work with ONE box of pieces that will give you a real picture of real, sustainable success

Get on board.


How to Sell anything on the internet

Part one of my special report,

“How to avoid the internet-marketing trap”

How to


Make Money Online

I.Preventing Distractions.

A. Avoiding Information overload.Even “free” information becomes wearisome, when it’s no info at all!. Most teaser newsletters are mere snippets of info, nuggets of unrelated knowledge that clog your inbox. To really learn about something, you need to

really learn about it!,

and get real training. On that note, avoid buying every training manual out there before you can afford it. Get all the knowledge you can, but when you do make sure

1)it is knowledge you need
2)it is knowledge you can afford.

B. Avoid “Shiny Gadget Syndrome”In the beginning, you need to be extremely selective about the tools you buy. This is where most newbies get sucked in and go “belly-up” financially. There seems to be a persistent myth in the online world that some ultra-simple formula exists to make you cash over night.

Here is the simple truth:

The vast majority of internet marketers make their money by selling get rich quick plans

Why is this so successful? Because we want to believe it. Oh, people, be very very leary of people who tell you that you can make money hand over fist by doing a b and c. There are a whole lot of steps between a and b, and even more between b and c.
Even this manual is only an outline

Before you buy any program promising to make you money, make sure that you can afford them, and that they are what you really need.

Make sure that what you are purchasing is significant to your specific purpose.
And make sure that you are never “in the hole” when you purchase any online tools or training. Don’t go into debt trying to make money. That’s just dumb. Instead, buy what you need, one tool at a time.

Now, knowing just what to do first, what to buy or what service to pay for, and in what order to do it is the key to really making money.

To start doing that immediately, sign up for my internet marketing course. In it, I’ll show you exactly what to do to begin making money immediately, and when to begin critical tasks, while waiting on others.

If you want to see the whole marketing broth cook beautifully, you don’t just need the right ingredients; you also need to know how to put it all together. Right temperatures. When to stir, to add, to turn up the heat. I show you all of this. It’s sort of like Julia Child showing a batchelor how to make thanksgiving dinner. Even if he can’t boil water.

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Part II of How to sell anything on the internet–avoiding the internet marketing trap

How to Fail in Internet Marketing

Believe that all you need is to make a glorious website. Spend months learning coding, half a year developing content, and years trying to figure out how to get traffic (once you realize that having a website is not enough).

Build backlinks through black hat websites. Rave at your sudden traffic surge as you (temporarily) fly under the radar. Get banned from Google.

Try your hand at Google Adwords with zero training. Lose hundreds of dollars over night. Buy outdated manuals on the subject at half-price. Try again. Fall flat. Hire a PPC manager who has wonderful promises, but is unscrupulous in his methods. Get banned from Google.

Buy an SEO manual that promises great success. Diligently employ it’s methods. Exploit each technique so excessively that Google penalizes you. Watch your momentary rankings drop like a rock…overnight.

Back off from internet marketing altogether until one day, out of nowhere, you get a lead…online.

Go crazy trying to figure out HOW IN THE WORLD did this guy ever find me?
Hire an SEO analyst who (also) has no idea what he is doing. Scratch your head…

Hire a marketing consultant for $1000 dollars who spends one hour with you and tells you what you (secretly) already know:

Success requires a learning curve and you need to either A, Hire an online agency to launch you to the top (which costs $10,000) or, B), get a real education.

Here’s to your SURE success.

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