Time Management Tuesday|Task Management or Time Management?

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A lot of people talk about managing their time effectively, and it makes me wonder…seriously, how can you manage time? It comes, it goes, it disappears before you know it. And no matter what you do, 24 hours a day is what you get.

It seems to me that the term “task management” is a better term for what we are looking for. Aren’t we looking to get more done in each day?

“Prioritizing your time” –well, to me, that statement doesn’t make much sense. How can you prioritize your time? After all, you can’t make the evening come before the morning, or visa-versa.

But. We all can prioritize the order in which we do tasks, and strive to do them more efficiently and quickly.

I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m splitting hairs here, or stressing over definitions.

It’s just that I’ve learned that with time management, doing each day’s work, in a prioritized fashion, is the real key to success.

What do you think? Is “task management” a more logical term than “time management”? I would love to hear your comments.


How to make every day count

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This video is so inspirational, I would call it almost as fundamental as having a daily schedule.

If you get this one thing right, you will always succeed.
Here’s to your success!

P.S.>The Rock represents Jesus

All of us have things in our life that we would say take priority over other things, but we don’t always live like it. In the video (which I still strongly suggest you watch, you don’t need speakers to get the point), there is a man with some sand, some water, and one big rock. He wants to fit all of these things in the vessel, but there’s only one way to do it…and that’s by putting the main, or “meatiest”, pieces in first, in the proper order. I think the symbolism is obvious here. As internet marketers, we need to “seek first the kingdom” and keep the main thing the main thing. I’ll write more on this tomorrow. Please watch the video even if you have read about this concept before. It is powerful!


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How to end your day right

It’s Time Management Tuesday and usually, I start the day by telling you how to get control over your time and life.

This Tuesday, I want to talk to you about how to end your day right

Tie up the loose ends

Spend some time going over your day and finishing up what is undone. If there is anything that you can get done, then do it now, not later.

Finish what you can

No matter how much you do, you are going to have to have an end point to your working hours. Be fair to yourself here: if you are working 12 hour days, are you really setting aside enough time to take care of yourself? Log your time spent and evaluate your hours. Which brings us to my next point:

Chronicle your day

At the end of the day, when you’ve done all you can reasonably do in a reasonable time frame, make a log of what you did today, and analyze it. How did you do? What needs improvement?

Remember the good things about your journey.

In addition to keeping an actual log of your day, keep a journal. It’s important that you emphasize the success and victories of your day so that you stay encouraged about your future. And when you do, don’t forget to mention the most important people in your life. Which brings us to our (almost) conclusion

Touch base with your family

Even if you are super busy and simply can’t spend the family time you need, always have dinner together, if you possibly can. Studies show that those who eat dinner together have the happiest families. It’s the common denominator that all well-performing school age students and healthy families have…they all eat together. Is it any wonder that the family who eats together stays together? What? Did I say that right? No. It actually goes like this: “The family that prays together stays together”  There it is again…that element of family time. The bottom line is, if you have a happy family life, you are keeping your priorities right. And you can’t have a happy family life if you don’t have a good devotional life. Evening is a perfect time to gather the family around for good devotions.

It’s also the perfect time for touching base with your Creator and making sure that your life aligns with His Handbook.

Have a great evening! (If you want, you can leave a comment here)

Ordering your day

Ordering your day.
Charles Schwab who owns the famous investment company which bears his name, tells a story he had with a mentor. Mr. Schwab asked the mentor to tell him how to be more productive. Rather than scheduling a mentoring session, the advisor simply told him, “Mr. Schwab, I will give you one piece of advice, and if you think it is worth anything, you can pay me $10,000.”
Charles agreed. One week later, Charles wrote the advisor a check for $10,000.
What do you think his advice was?
When I first heard this story, I really thought that the secret was stocks. Or maybe some other investment strategy, like buying up precious metals.
No, the secret that Charles Schwab received is so brain dead simple, that I don’t think he would have even looked at it twice if the advisor had not designated a value to it.
It really is that simple.
And that profound.
In fact, it is so profitable, I would attach a million dollars to it’s worth.
So what was the advice?
I almost hesitate to tell you lest you find it too elementary.

Write down the three most important things you need to do today.
Gah! Is that it? Is that really it? Yup.
But follow through is everything.
In my e-series “How to organize your time” I show you how to manage re-occurring tasks as well as one time projects, and everything in between. This is not an ebook, it’s a total lifestyle changer.
You can read more here.
Ps. This is not some fluff filled puff book full of irrelevant tips like soaking in bubble baths to relax and the power of post it notes. This is a robust tutorial full of meaty strategies for getting control of your time and life.
Now, if you want to ratchet it up a notch, I also offer one on one mentoring . you can read more about that here
But whatever you decide, please, please, please try the “3 main things” rule today, and see if it doesn’t change your life.

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