How to Work Phone Leads

“Well, Mr. Smith, that’s a very good question”….(oh  my goodness, how will I answer that….?)

Hey, marketer.  Do you sell some product that requires  you to work on the phone?

Is calling prospects back just part of your business?

Or maybe you just want more confidence for those times when you have to speak with the customer.

Whether you just want basic phone skills, confidence on the phone or rock solid  closing skills, this is for you.

I have over 20 years experience closing sales and working leads.

When you sign up for my coaching session,  you and I will work together one full hour on building customer rapport, gaining your customers confidence, and helping you feel completely natural and at ease during every phase of the call.

We  cover a variety of situations you may encounter on the phone, until you are completely confident that you are ready.

Phase I.   Your script, your company’s setup,

Phase II.  Your confidence level on the phone.

Phase III. Positioning yourself and controlling the conversation, (without steam rolling the conversation).

Phase IV.  The discovery Process. You ask your prospect questions, and you listen to them.

That’s what we cover on your first training call.

In the next training calls, we cover handling objections. What to say if… How to answer if they ask…

And all of the fears you have in approaching the unknown territory of a live call.

On the third training call you’ll learn all about,


I won’t even pretend here….this is my favorite part of phone training, because it’s where I see the most personal growth in my clients. Articulate and intelligent  communicators who finally get the confidence to ask for the sale, with no fear. Yea, getting people to that level is pure joy for me.

Is it right for you?

Let’s find out.

What should I sell online?


What to sell on the internet

A lot of people asking this question aren’t asking it correctly. When they ask “What should I sell online” they really mean, “What item is consistently searched for online?” It’s not the right question, and I’ll tell you why in a moment. But first, here are what I consider to be 3 of the best sellers online. They are:

  • Books
  • Cameras
  • Specialty items

It’s this last list that really has potential. When you find the right market, or niche of  a market, you avoid fierce competition and can carve you way into the market place.

Which brings me to that question you need to be asking. Don’t find out “What sells the best online” but rather, what CAN I REALLY sell online.” In other words, you need to ask, what can I sell online without being a giant like Amazon or Alibaba. And the answer is, specialty items. But. Not just any specialty item. You need to know which item has the best balance of low competition and high demand (that’s called a niche). And you need to know that, it will probably be somewhere in the middle. In other words, if it’s fairly popular (which it should be, if you want a serious income), then it should have some competition.

In my internet marketing program “How to Sell Anything Online” I show you exactly how to find a niche market that it is profitable, but not too competitive.

Then, we cover the basics of promoting your product, and selling it right on the internet. Yes, that’s right. You will learn step by step exactly how to collect payments online, right away. No information overload. No exhausting, high tech ecommerce pages. From choosing your product to collecting orders, I send you out of the gate running,

If you’ve been looking for an a-z, start to finish system that explains all, in great detail, it’s all right here.