Addicted to systems.

What do gamblers and affiliate marketers have in common?


Yes marketer, that was a moment of silence
Because I think you all know the answer to this.

It’s the belief that “this ticket will be the winning one” that keeps gamblers and affiliates hooked.
Please know, most of us have been there.

It’s a drag doing the same marketing tasks day after day; and with no hope of a pay off, there is only one choice to getting an instant feeling of accomplishment.

Before I proceed, I want to say that there ARE people who make a living wage by being a gambler. And there are people who do affiliate marketing, and they make money (not that I recommend either). If you are an affiliate mareter and you make a living wage, that’s okay…provided you are happy as an affiliate, prosperous as an affiliate, and provided your affiliate product’s company doesn’t go out of business. I know–it’s a diversity game, as in the more products you are an affiliate for, the less chance of this happening.

There’s also more than one thing to promote. As in constantly. Because the real diversity with affiliate marekting is the divesity of people competing with you…as in, a LOT of people, more than in selling your own product.

You can buy 10 lottery tickets, make five dollars off one, buy five more and lose it all, and the reptilian part of the mind will feel like it is getting somewhere.

But how much money have your really made, THIS YEAR all together?

Hey///  What about this, affiliate– What about picking just one product to sell online, and giving it everything you’ve got…all of the time you spend on affiliate launches, all of the money you spend on Google adwords, and all of the massive head banging stress of trying to dominate the search engines, what if all of that time and energy was focused on ONE THING and one thing only?

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

“When you’re done with your 500th affiliate launch, can we nibble some treats together”?

Once there was a man who got bit by a snake. After he got bitten, he never handled another snake in his life.

But now, there was another man.  He got paid by charming snakes. Yes, he was a professional snake handler.

He’d got bitten so many times, he was pretty much immune to snakes.

This is the equivalent of an affiliate marketer. They have tried, and lost money, in selling affiliate programs. They’ve been burned, bad, by the hamster wheel of internet marketing. You know the wheel I’m talking about. They call it the wheel of fortune, but it’s just a hamster wheel.

Once you get on, it’s hard to get off, because it really seems like you’re getting somewhere. So what am I talking about?

Affiliate marketing.

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How to sell online using content| Part 2

Yesterday, we talked about Content Marketing. What it is, how it can make you money, and why some people are poor who do it. I left you with this braindead conclusion and that is,

In the world of Content marketing, Content is King.

So what do I mean? Simply that, if you have lousy content, if the content you use is poor content, you won’t do well. Because people won’t click on your webpage for very long. And you’ll get quick exists, resulting in low rankings.

Now, I want to tell you a secret…content is more important and I do mean WAY more important than meta tags, headers, and back links. People don’t believe me when I tell them this, but the truth is (and I’m not lying here), you are going to do far better in your marketing strategy if you have great content that is compelling, then if you have SEO rich content that sounds stupid.

Here’s an example (and I solemnly swear, I’m not doing this for keyword density)

“Content marketing is great because content is a fascinating term in marketing. When you do content marketing you need to make sure that your content marketing has good content, that your marketing has compelling content and that when you market, you have kick @$*s marketing (that’s how most of you say it, no offense….

And what did you just do, marketer?  you sounded…stupid. And insulting. as though none of us can speak english and need to hear the term “content marketing ” like a hundred times already.

And here’s what you don’t know…when you stuff your content like that (yes, it actually is called “keyword stuffing”, when overdone), what you risk is being penalized by the search engines. That’s because, in content marketing, many people have relied on the density of their content’s keyword (which, in this case would be “content marketing”) in order to get great rankings.

Now here’s the kicker…if you just write naturally, and from the heart, you will have all of the keyword density you need, for great content that gets recognized by the search engines.

When you write from the heart, you won’t ever have to use some “keyword density finder” tool for your content, because it will flow.

Now, here’s another point I want to bring up in content marketing: A lot of people could be making really good money and drawing really good traffic, right now, but they don’t know HOW to write naturally.  In my e-series “Content Marketing Made simple” I show you the ins and outs of creating great content.

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Editor’s note: This extremely popular series is now part of my Content Marketing Series.

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How to go the distance in Internet Marketing

As you get started making money on the internet highway, you may need to ask yourself a few questions:

What am I hoping to achieve?

Is it money? Traffic? Being number one on Google? Obviously some of these are a means to an end. For example, having lots of traffic may indeed result in being number one on Google, which can result in lots of sales. Still, many internet marketers seem to lose sight of why they are online in the first place. Unless you want to make a lot of traffic for the sake of saying “my website got one million hits”, then you need to ask, why. Why do I need to be number one on Google? To make sales, right? But being number one on Google doesn’t guarantee that you will make any money at all. And having lots of traffic doesn’t guarantee that Google will recognize you. And if you don’t keep the end goal in mind, you can lose your focus. So always answer the question, What am I hoping to achieve. For most, the end result is to make a good income.

“Is my strategy right”?

Before you head down the internet super highway, be sure that you know where you are headed (to a better income, right?) and after that, examine how you will get there. How are you going to turn your internet business into a money making system? What process will you use? What training will you get? What strategy you will implement for the long view? Finding out how others have done it may help. So could trying a few things and seeing which works.

Has the highway changed?

I’ll never forget when my friend and I followed a brand new map, only to find that our trip to Kansas took us to a farmer’s back yard. We had purchased our map on that very same day, so we knew it must be current;  yet the farmer insisted that the highway had been closed for years. Which brings me to my next point…misinformation abounds on the internet super-highway. And what’s more, even if the advice you received online was good last season, it may be outdated today.

It isn’t easy making money online, which is why I developed a roadmap to using the internet. When you sign up for my internet marketing blueprint, I work one on one with you checking out the terrain of your business and surveying your best approach. You’ll be shown:

How to customize your business for your current market

I’ll show you what marketing strategy to begin with for where you are right now in your business.

You’ll receive up to three additional call back dates so you can “touch base” with me on how your business is doing, and where you should go from there (some marketing plans need to be adjusted along the way, so this is a good option for you if you are trying different things out on your business).

It’s basically a flow chart of “if/then” for your business.  You’ll understand what the next step is, depending upon the outcome of various strategies I’ll have you implement. I pour over every possible scenario, and map out your options for you depending upon each probable outcome.  If you can’t afford one-on-one mentoring, an Internet Marketing Blueprint is your next best option.

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What should I sell online?


What to sell on the internet

A lot of people asking this question aren’t asking it correctly. When they ask “What should I sell online” they really mean, “What item is consistently searched for online?” It’s not the right question, and I’ll tell you why in a moment. But first, here are what I consider to be 3 of the best sellers online. They are:

  • Books
  • Cameras
  • Specialty items

It’s this last list that really has potential. When you find the right market, or niche of  a market, you avoid fierce competition and can carve you way into the market place.

Which brings me to that question you need to be asking. Don’t find out “What sells the best online” but rather, what CAN I REALLY sell online.” In other words, you need to ask, what can I sell online without being a giant like Amazon or Alibaba. And the answer is, specialty items. But. Not just any specialty item. You need to know which item has the best balance of low competition and high demand (that’s called a niche). And you need to know that, it will probably be somewhere in the middle. In other words, if it’s fairly popular (which it should be, if you want a serious income), then it should have some competition.

In my internet marketing program “How to Sell Anything Online” I show you exactly how to find a niche market that it is profitable, but not too competitive.

Then, we cover the basics of promoting your product, and selling it right on the internet. Yes, that’s right. You will learn step by step exactly how to collect payments online, right away. No information overload. No exhausting, high tech ecommerce pages. From choosing your product to collecting orders, I send you out of the gate running,

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