Many business owners are convinced that they can never stay “up” on the latest Seo trends, so they fail to implement even most basic, foundational, unchanging seo principles. Everyone wants to rank well on Google, but few people take the time to learn it. That’s because, most people don’t think that it is really possible to master SEO enough to overtake the competition.
In my series “Search Engine Made Simple”  I touch on the most basic, fundamental elements of Search Engine optimization.



How to Choose a domain name

One of the hardest thing new marketers struggle with is finding an available domain name for their website.

Choosing the right domain name for your online business can mean the difference between being found online, and having a website that no one ever visits.

The difficulty is, a lot of great domain names were snatched up years ago.

So, what do you do when every single variant of your business name was claimed long ago?

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SEO Made Easy.

If you have already signed up for my free tutorial on SEO, you are in a great position to advance your website’s SEO.

In my more advanced tutorial, I take it to the next level and show you how to use advanced SEO techniques.

This tutorial is an absolute must if you are a serious player who want to advance their website.

It’s $50 and comes with a money back guarantee, but I can only offer it to the next 100 customers. After that, I plan on merging it with the first part, and offering it for $150.

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