My Daily Strategy

Each day, I have a strategy that I use. It never changes, it’s always the same. I get up,  get a cup of coffe, feed my cat, and then I take out a piece of paper. I fold it into 12 sections. In eachs section, I have 12 categories. They are always the same.

  1. Spiritual
  2. Business
  3. Health
  4. Education (not mine, my children’s…I’m homeschooling them through the summer until next school year).
  5. Food (deserving of its own category, given the impact it makes.)
  6. Hobbies/skills
  7. Ministries
  8. Money
  9. House
  10. Kid 1
  11. Kid 2
  12. Kid 3

These categories do of course overlap occassionally, but so what? The point is, when I review these categories each day, I’m forced to really see what needs to be done. And I write the three top things I need to do in each category.

I do this planning while I pray and read the Bible. I mean, I totally bring God into the entire day, and pray over each element. I spend one full hour doing all of these things at once (pray, read, plan).  And then, I listen. He talks to me. I moan, cry, lose it, and….He talks to me some more. And then, I listen some more. Maybe He says something like, “your middle one is bored. Or the oldest one, you need to make her get out today, just make her. Or, the youngest one needs to apologize, don’t let that slide. Or the husband? Let it go. Let him take care of the bills and just don’t ask this time. he’s got it. You don’t think God can communicate like that? I assure you, He can. But it’s deep inside, and you just need to get on that frequency. so.  But here’s the thing–He doesn’t just want to do this with your personal life….He wants to do this with your business. Look, you’ve tried everything about tuning into God and hearing what He has to say about your online business? How does one tune their spiritual antennae in to hear the nuance of the Spirit? It starts with a relationship with Him. You simply ask Him to go into your heart and life. And that starts with having the real, genuine, only Higher Power