Why affiliate “reviews” make me nervous.

Do you remember when "consumer magazine" first came out? I don't either. But unless you live as a hermit, then you are probably familiar with it. Consumer Magazines USP is, "We write reviews that are not incentive based" Affiliate, everytime you write a "review" and don't make it VERY clear that you are getting paid, … Continue reading Why affiliate “reviews” make me nervous.

Affiliate, can we talk?

Look, affiliate...I like you. I mean, I really, really like you. YOu have spunk, pizzaz, optimism. You have a lot of time invested in internet marketing... Have a whole lot of faith in fate to make you rich. You have... no product. AFFILIATE! Dude! (dudette). Wake up. WAKE UP! YOU HAVE NO PRODUCT ---- OF … Continue reading Affiliate, can we talk?