Why your New Year’s Resolution fails you|…Like, every year.

Tell me, reader, why is it that we make impossible New Year’s goals, that we know we will fail at? I think it’s because we get obsessed with goal setting rather than goal reaching. Goal setting is what happens when twenty people say, “So what are YOUR New Year’s resolutions?” and we think, “hmmm, what should I resolve to do” ?

But now, Goal Reaching is different; It works like this…”what do I want to accomplish by the end of this year?” That’s goal reaching.

Now, take that year-end goal, and break it down. Season by season. Month by month. Week by week. Day by day.

Now here’s the deal. If you didn’t come up with some flaky resolution that sounded good, you will take the time to plan this goal out, because it’s what you really want to accomplish (not what sounds good to everyone).

Here are some “Reach your New Year’s Resolutions”  posts from last year which really dive deep into the whole psychology of setting New Years goals that get met.

How to Organize Your day.

organize your day

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling feeling like all of life is hitting you in the face?

Some days, I wake up and just feel pounded with everything there is to do.

It seems like there is just NO WAY to cram everything into one 24 hour period, unless I never sleep.

Now, what I used to do is, I’d start hitting each task HARD, before I forgot to do it.

Then one day, as I was losing it, I saw a verse out on some surface in my house (I read the Bible a lot) and I read the verse that we all know, we’ve all heard of, but that is so hard to follow.

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light”

Man, I thought. I have really missed it. I know I have, Lord, because my yoke SURE isn’t easy, and my burden sure isn’t light.

So I actually sat down and read the whole thing…the part where He says come unto me and rest.

Now, I’ll tell you, I was a bit annoyed. I knew that if I stopped for a moment, I wouldn’t get it all done. But then, I did it. I took a quiet moment and just did …..


And in three brief moments, I knew instantly what my problem was. I hadn’t put the Lord first. That’s why everything wasn’t fitting.

Alright Lord, I’ll stop and pray and read my Bible. But as I began to do that, I felt like the Lord was encouraging me just to take a moment and write down everything that had been weighing on me. So, I did.  And within 30 seconds, I could see at a glance, what my problem was.

I felt so strong in my spirit that i just needed to schedule a time to do each of these things.

Not just a to do list, but an actual start and end time.

And suddenly, that mountain of tasks was so…. nothing.

Reader, have you ever taken the time to schedule a time for what you need to do today?




The Restless Marketer

“Restlessness is nothing more than your destiny nipping at your heals and waiting for an assignment”.– Mike Murdoch.

Write the vision, and make it plain, that he may run that reads it

Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established.

These are all great quotations on how to write down your dream. But that’s not enough. You need to commit to paper actionable ways to bring your plan to life.

It needs to be:





Planning your life’s dream can be a lot of work.

That’s why I developed my online workshop “Order you day”. It’s a 12 week program.

Each day, I bring you actionable steps to getting your dream on paper, on your master schedule, and getting her done.

The cost? $50 per month or until you feel like your dream is beginning to happen. Cancel anytime.

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How a Whiteboard helps you organize

Your Brain in print (seeing it all helps you organize it!)

If you are a list person (and I know I am), then you may find it difficult to ever adjust your schedule once you have it committed to paper.

This is where a whiteboard can really help you. After you decide what you need to do today, just write it, LARGE, on a whiteboard that is big enough for you to see it when you walk across the room.

When we make a list on a little scrap of paper, or even in a Franklin Planner, it can be really difficult  to  use every spare minute checking off your to do list.

But when you keep the vision before you, broken down into Morning, afternoon and evening goals, and, you keep it where you can actually see it, then you are so much more likely to complete everything on your list.

Are you having trouble getting it all together? How do you manage your time effectively? I would love to hear your comments here.



Creative Ways to Schedule Your Time

Do you find that schedules are too restrictive?

Is it hard to write in a definite time for your tasks due to your unique situation?

Or maybe, you just feel stifled by the grid of a daily planner?

If so , then you may want to consider some creative alternatives to scheduling.

Three Main Things.

Start with the three most important things that you need to do today, and give them a time.  If you truly detest scheduling so much, that you can’t bear to schedule even three items, then at least put them in order of importance.

Next, try to determine what portion of the day makes the most sense for each task. Can one of your items only be done before sundown? Like going to the Post office that closes at 5:00?

Or maybe a client asked you to call them around lunch time.

If you can, do the most important items first.

And don’t do anything else during that time, except for what’s on your list.

Now, again, if you can’t do something until a certain time, then do the second or third item on your list.

W.I.N. (What’s Important Now)

What you are doing is prioritizing your tasks. When you do this, you have so much more energy, because you aren’t wasting your energy worrying about that one thing that you know you should do but you are putting off.

Another thing you’ll find is that this helps you do those things that really are important, but aren’t much fun.

When you limit it to three items, and make those the most important ones, you’ll have to admit that there really is no reason not to do them….something that’s called “creative avoidance” when we make ourselves too busy to do the big three.

So, today, if you find yourself feeling like a slacker for not working on your New Year’s Resolutions, try to just write down the three most important things for the day. Just doing this can make a real difference in your motivation level.

Looking to pump your organization skills up a notch in this New Year? Time Management classes are forming in March.

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