Creative Ways to Schedule Your Time

Do you find that schedules are too restrictive?

Is it hard to write in a definite time for your tasks due to your unique situation?

Or maybe, you just feel stifled by the grid of a daily planner?

If so , then you may want to consider some creative alternatives to scheduling.

Three Main Things.

Start with the three most important things that you need to do today, and give them a time.  If you truly detest scheduling so much, that you can’t bear to schedule even three items, then at least put them in order of importance.

Next, try to determine what portion of the day makes the most sense for each task. Can one of your items only be done before sundown? Like going to the Post office that closes at 5:00?

Or maybe a client asked you to call them around lunch time.

If you can, do the most important items first.

And don’t do anything else during that time, except for what’s on your list.

Now, again, if you can’t do something until a certain time, then do the second or third item on your list.

W.I.N. (What’s Important Now)

What you are doing is prioritizing your tasks. When you do this, you have so much more energy, because you aren’t wasting your energy worrying about that one thing that you know you should do but you are putting off.

Another thing you’ll find is that this helps you do those things that really are important, but aren’t much fun.

When you limit it to three items, and make those the most important ones, you’ll have to admit that there really is no reason not to do them….something that’s called “creative avoidance” when we make ourselves too busy to do the big three.

So, today, if you find yourself feeling like a slacker for not working on your New Year’s Resolutions, try to just write down the three most important things for the day. Just doing this can make a real difference in your motivation level.

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Time Management Tuesday|Task Management or Time Management?

time managaement woman

A lot of people talk about managing their time effectively, and it makes me wonder…seriously, how can you manage time? It comes, it goes, it disappears before you know it. And no matter what you do, 24 hours a day is what you get.

It seems to me that the term “task management” is a better term for what we are looking for. Aren’t we looking to get more done in each day?

“Prioritizing your time” –well, to me, that statement doesn’t make much sense. How can you prioritize your time? After all, you can’t make the evening come before the morning, or visa-versa.

But. We all can prioritize the order in which we do tasks, and strive to do them more efficiently and quickly.

I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m splitting hairs here, or stressing over definitions.

It’s just that I’ve learned that with time management, doing each day’s work, in a prioritized fashion, is the real key to success.

What do you think? Is “task management” a more logical term than “time management”? I would love to hear your comments.


How to get the most out of every day.

If you’re like me, you have days when you just don’t seem to be clicking. Maybe you had a list of marketing tasks you wanted to get done, but life got in the way.
Or maybe you had a set time for reviewing your day, and that didn’t happen.
Whether it’s planning to plan, or putting it all on paper, it’s easy to get sidetracked from the original goal.

One thing that always helps immensely is this…

Write it down.

Okay, I know that sounds simplistic, and I am sure that is nothing you have never heard before.

But….do you? Do you actually write it down? I’m not even going to ask if you do what I do in the morning (okay, I’ll ask).

Do you ever find yourself lounging around in bed, with thoughts gyrating a million miles minute as you desperately try to arrange them all in your mind?

I think we ALL do that one.
Okay, but now, let’s take it a step further. How about this…


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How to Stop Procrastining

We all do it.

But why? Why do we put off doing what we know we need to do?

Let’s cover the “why” and then the “how”.

5 Reasons why you procrastinate

Reason number one for procrastinating:

You don’t really want to do ittumblr_meyaq9it391refr1ho1_500

Let’s face it, sometimes a task is so gross, so gnarly, so time-consuming or complicated, that it cramps our brain even to think about it. This is one of the reasons why some people shove the task to the back side of their brain…it’s just too painful to think about.

You want to do it, but you are overwhelmed

head slam

Yea, I think we’ve all been at this place. Overload is a key reason for putting things off, even when we know it’s important.

Procrastination reason number 3.

You don’t think it’s a big enough priority to do it now..

“Why do today what can be done tomorrow?”

Many procrastinators think this way. Unless their backside is in flames, they prefer to wait….and wait…and wait. The good news is, many of these midnight hour, crunch-time types actually work better under pressure (which is not very comforting to more rigid personality type planners, but it works for them).

…or ever

Some people who are accused of procrastinating are not actually procrastinators. It’s just that, they have no intention of ever doing the task. But somehow, they know that society expects them to

Go back to school

Lose 10-pounds or even

Clean that top shelf

So to make people empathize with them, they join the ranks of “someday I’m going to” stop smoking, get rid of this old piece of furniture, or…whatever it may be. Probably, they are not bothered all that much with their habit, weight, or less than perfect lifestyle. But it makes them fit in to complain with the others and set resolutions they have no intention of reaching…or even trying to.

Sometimes people procrastinate doing something, because they want attention…

We’ve all heard the story of the kid that misbehaves because they are being neglected by mom and dad. In relationships, some adults do this, because if their partner never had a complaint, they’d both never talk to one another.

…Or because, they resent having to do it.

This is not to say that the task is something that they dislike, or even that it is something that they wouldn’t cheerfully do, if weren’t for…the grudge. Yes that’s right, many heel-draggers consciously or subconsciously put off a task that they really don’t mind working on, just because they resent being told that they must do it. Sometimes the request is a reasonable one, but the person asked to do it, doesn’t think it’s fair. Or sometimes, the reason that the procrastinator won’t do the task, has nothing to do with resenting the task, but with driving the other person crazy….because of a long standing grudge that they have toward that person. That’s called Passive Aggression, and you can  learn more about that here

I talk all about these behaviors and how to get over them in my  eBook

“How to finally Stop Procrastinating”

The truth is, procastination costs all of us time, money, and emotional freedom.

In my ebook, I show you practical ways to get motivated and get ‘er done.

And here’s a good reason not to put this off…it’s 100% free; for right now, anyway.  So don’t wait–grab it while you still can– before it costs you.


How to make every day count | Time Management Tuesday


Wake up in the right attituude

It just makes sense; if you want tocsm_istock_femme-repos_855cfdcb07 have a productive day, you need to start it with productive, positive thoughts. Start each morning with a well thought out plan and self-affirming thoughts on how you can and will achieve your goals.

Review your day

You should already have your day planned out the night before. Each morning, after devotions but before you begin your day, review what you have planned for that day. It will help solidify in your mind what needs to be done, and help you to organize in your mind the tasks for the day.

Do the best you can

writing on calendar

Once you know what needs to be done, give each ask the best possible apicc-2ttention that you can.


Don’t forget your family

No matter how productive your day goes, it won’t count for much if you don’t take the time you need for friends and family. Is there someone important in your life? If so, give them the quality attention they deserve; our relationships make life worth living.


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