True Wealth

True Wealth is laying your head down at night, and knowing that when you die, you will wake up in glory with your maker.
You can have a personal relationship with the one who made you!
What in the world could be greater????
I get pretty disgusted when I see all of these get rich quick ads on how to be “successful” on the internet. It’s obvious the guy making the ad with dollar bills blowing on the screen is pretty greedy. Like, why would I trust him? He’s greedy. For MY money. He’d tell me anything to make a buck. Greedy people are like that.
Do you want to know how to get really rich right now?
Ask Jesus to come into your heart and life.
Repent of your sins. I mean, be real about it and stop playing around.
Is there a hell? Why take a chance.
Repent of your sins and ask Jesus to take control of your life.
Dear Jesus,
I am so sorry I have sinned. I believe that you died on the cross to take away my sins. Come into my life and save me.


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