Why you remain anonymous (roadblocks to posting your photo online)

This is part 3 of a series. I’m a bit of a non conformist, so I’m kind of working backwards here. Check back for more soon!

The hillbilly complex

I could also call this the ugly duckling compex, but the phenomenon which is most common is when people on a bread and butter income think that they must have a top of the line outfit in order to look professional. I’ve heard all of the excuses and I’m getting tired of them, so here they are (along with a rebuttal).

Excuse number one for not posting a picture on line:

“I’m  a private Person”

Yes, dear, I know; but you were bold enough to pose for your driver’s license and you survived. Being camera shy is a poor excuse

“Um (giggle), no you don’t understand…I’m uncomfortable having other’s see me”

Okay, human, I get it. But we do need some photo of you, so how about this…wear a bag over your head and be this famous comic. Seriously, human, we need a photo


(Blush) oh you are the funny one. Seriously though, I can’t do a picture because, well, I’m not attractive

Yes, I agree you are not model material. But don’t you get it? Neither am I, and I have experienced better  traffic when showing my face.

“I have bad teeth”

So scold them, and close your lips

“What if some dangerous person sees my picture”

Let’s hope they buy your product (business is business, and you don’t need to respond to any marriage proposals on your contact form).

Seriously, reader, you are not so ugly or so beautiful that anyone is going to care. There are millions of websites.You WILL get through this….just don’t leave your personal contact information online if you are having a panic attack right now.

“I am truly repulsive looking”

Then I ‘m sure you won’t mind if other homely people are drawn to your product. Please, get over yourself and post some photo

“I am too embarrassed to have other people see my ugly face”

They’d be embarrassed to have you see theirs or refreshed that you showed yours.

Now that’s the ugly duckling version of why people won’t do photos,  but there are also people who think that if they show their photo, they won’t be the kind of person that their readers were hoping to see. And if that’s you, then you need to know that when you show your photo, you automatically draw a whole circle of people who trust you more because now they now know what you look like.  Try it and see!

Barbara Streisand–an example of unconventional beauty

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